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300 Thousand UN Troups to surround Washington DC Oct. 1st? Karen Hudes interview.

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No prob...

...watching the vid now

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

And we continued about our business.

And didn't even need a government form.

WHAT A Concept. ^5 Transaction done. And a ;)

Assuming THEY Could Get 30,000, Half Would Probably Shoot Obama

The troops can't stand Obama.

I hear a lot of people criticizing

Ernie for being skeptical of her defense of the world bank. I agree with Ernie that we should all be very skeptical of a world bank centralized monetary power solution. Transparency is the answer is not good enough for me. We all saw how Obamas transparency worked out. Ernie is right when he states that empires fall, but tyrannies always rebrand and rise again. Centralized power never ends in liberty. It always ends I tyranny! Always. The decentralized power we had in the US for 150 years or so is what set us apart from other tax farms. Ernie is correct when he says decentralization, individual autonomy and voluntarism is the answer. As long as centralized governmental power, centralized monetary power, centralized intelligence and centralized force exist...we will never have liberty.

I must have missed where...

I must have missed where Hudes defended the world bank as an institution. To the contrary, I thought she said she wanted to see it dismantled.

I've listened to several of her interviews

And heard several things that didn't make a lot of sense.
One interview she went on about what a great institution the world bank is, but it is just the bad criminal element that needs to be removed she says. The world bank and IMF have were founded by criminals and have always run like a maffia. She talked about how a new world currency was the answer (red flag!)
She claimed to be persecuted by Eric holder, but last week claimed Obama was really a good guy (right).

I'd love to think we are really going to be freed from tyranny as she states, but I think it is much more likely that she falls into one of the following categories:

1. She is batshit crazy and a glutton for attention
2. She is a Rothschild shill to sell the new global currency/world banking system.
3. She is a disinfo agent to give people a false sense of security (go back to sleep), and to trust the establishment.
4. She is the new Bejamin Fulford in a dress.

I'm leaning towards 2-4. Just my opinion. Any other voters?

I haven't seen those other interviews

With the entrenchment and all of the momentum behind the current system, illumination of the kind Hudes offers in this interview is in the least necessary to get people to even recognize the potential benefit of competing currencies. I just don't understand why the interviewer would try to discourage Hudes from her efforts when the kind of information she's bringing is the kind of stuff people might need to hear before they decide to jump on with Bitcoin. I don't know what the tipping point would be, but certainly it can't hurt to have more users if the "starve the beast" strategy is to work. Why would anyone want to use Bitcoin? Isn't Hudes helping answer that question with her expose? Should she just give up?

By the way, if the current regime is not dismantled as Hudes wants, won't they still be able to go after Bitcoin in some way?

And if people will choose Bitcoin regardless of what Hudes says, then what's the point of the interview? Is it some kind of bizarre twist on the expression "preaching to the choir". Theater?


Is 90% good info to win trust and 10% propaganda. Joe danger had a good point about Cass Sunsteins cognitive infiltration plans. Karen says many very good and very true things, but here's what I'm skeptical of:

1. World bank (IMF) is a fine institution?!
2. New global currency as a solution?!
3. Obama is a good guy?!
4. She was persecuted by Eric holder (conflicts with #3.)
5. She is not dead already?
6. 20 years as senior counsel for the world bank.
7. The Vatican is the enemy, but no mention of Rockefeller, Rothschild or any of the other banking cabal members?

You should have heard their first interview.

She was still naive and in the mode of we have to stop the corruption in the world bank. And of Earnie made the case you describe, (it's the only case he will tolerate).

I think she really had no idea how widespread, nor ingrained the corruption actually is.

That was only a few months ago. She's a smart lady and tenacious as hell. I don't think she really has any ideas of fixing a system with another system. She certainly gets the idea of competing currencies.

iOS vs Android

The pink rabbits are trying to build a closed society.
Free thinkers want an open society.

Exploitive Interviewer Diminishes Guest's Efforts

The interviewer "uses" (his word) people like her to make his point about...Bitcoin?

If Hudes is bringing sunlight upon a banking cabal, Hancock's purpose seems to be to deny its efficacy as a disinfectant. Though nominally like-minded, the interviewer is tragically antagonistic to this heroic person.

She takes offense and sends the bumbler scrambling to save face. Yes, he seems to understand, she is heroic to speak truth to power in a time where whistleblowers go to prison or are exiled, and investigative journalists get cremated. But her efforts won't matter in the end, he says. If the cabal falls, it will be because of everyone using Bitcoin, and not thanks to the illuminating efforts of people like Hudes who want to see the perpetrators themselves dismantle their own machine like a child being made to clean up the mess he made when he threw a tantrum.

Hancock's underhanded remarks surprise Hudes into defending the importance of what she is doing, which is his greatest offense. In the end Hancock decides his audience and their use of Bitcoin is just as important as Hudes' silly sunlight.

Hudes had some interesting things to say. She mentions some centuries-old treaty that somehow funnels money to the Vatican. That our names are printed in ALL CAPS on our birth certificates, indicating that we are collateral on some loan. Too bad her interviewer isn't particularly interested in seeing the system dismantled. We might have enjoyed more sunlight. And in less time.

Debbie's picture

Well said WJ Young.



Thing about Ernie

is he's Ernie. In person he's even more Ernie.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

My comment before hearing interview.

I could see 30,000 initially to protect the world government monetary headquarters, and eventually building to 300k, to protect the new currency regime. Good luck battling hardened loyal US troops.



"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina




FEMA Preparing For a Major Event in Region III:


Good Post!


Thanks for posting Base 1
That wasn't a one cup of coffee film, that was a 2 'cupper'.
Read about the whistle blower's over 300,000 UN troops learning English and training for many months to come here. Nothing was said about what area they were going. Another site tied the massive Fema purchases for region 111 and the planned drill to that information. Washington is in region 111 but I thought the connection was speculation on the part of the poster. Nice to see more exposure. The more transparency, the less likely it will be to happen. She most certainly has credibility. Ernest Hancock however, looses me when he intermittently reverts to a backwoods personality although, it's the message, not the messenger that's important. Wish he had been more quiet allowing her more time to speak. I'll look for more information from her minus Ernest's Gomer Pyle impersonations.


Thanks Deekey

Ernie is Ernie LOL BTW, HE'S the guy that came up with the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION Logo and started the banner hangs across the country. (Ron Paul was skeptical about it initially because of the Revolution stigma, and Ernest told him to live with it.) I had the pleasure of being introduced to him at the Straw Poll in Iowa 08/2007, and yes he can talk. I had driven 12 hours that day and was dead tired, and we talked for 2 hours. LOL

I've been following Karen for 6 months or so. Her first interview connected and reaffirmed some dots for me about the functioning of the IMF and the World Bank. Also the interlocking directorships of the international corporations. On those subjects I have no doubt she is an expert. As well, I think she is very good at 'following the money'.

I don't quibble over her 300,000 UN troop figure because I can't prove or disprove it, but I do know the financial system is under extreme stress and it's a fact the military, US, Nato, and UN have been used for reasons other than 'keeping people safe'. She has several interviews on youtube, just put Karen Hudes in the youtube search bar. She also updates her facebook with the documentation she sends out. And her website kahudes.net has the whole history of her discoveries cronicled with links to all of the documentation.

I think Karen't greatest contribution has been setting an example of DOING THE RIGHT THING. I think it has encouraged/caused other whistle blowers to do the same and when people network and compare notes it exposes things that can only live in the dark.

Others may appreciate the link too

Hut Oh, feel badly that I commented on his 'style' since he's a dyed in the wool original RP supporter. Me and my big keyboard huh?. [So very sorry Ernie! If you're reading this...love ya guy! I painted, held and waved many signs with your backwards LOVE creation]

Thanks for the link! Want to read more about several things she brought up especially the history of the treaties later! Two hours of that film and time for a break! With her web site you've given me what? Days or weeks more? Really appreciated your post! I've been researching for over 25 years on NWO so rarely get new background information. You have introduced me to Karen, a new and credible resource!
Thanks again :)


Mr. Hancock Just "TALKS" Way Too Much !

The key phrase in this whole interview was GOLD backwardazation, which means holders of Gold will not sell or trade their Gold for any amount of paper money in any currency.

If and when that happens holders of Gold become "Sovereigns"!


DIdn't watch it yet but,

DIdn't watch it yet but, 300,000? That is absurd. The logistics involved in mobilizing a force that large would be staggering. At the height of the Iraq war, the number of troops in country numbered aprox. 160k.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

seriously. They'd have to

seriously. They'd have to have been mobilizing for the last six months.

I downvoted your

comment AntiFed, based on your title "Didn't watch it yet," Sounds like the kettle calling the pot black.

But, by way of response, I'd refer you to the 45:00 minute mark in the first video.

Don't you know by now, you can't judge a book by its cover?

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

I win the "I downvoted you"

I win the "I downvoted you" game. lol

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

i downvoted you

for saying he has to watch a video to know that 300k troops can't be mobilized in 3 weeks.

Where will they sleep? What will they eat? How are they getting here? Which countries are giving up that many troops? It's just all so absurd to think one of the largest armies in human history will be at our doorstep in a couple weeks.

I almost never use a downvote...

but if I do, I always try to explain via comment.

My point is this: his/her comment distracts from the content of the video which is ripe with debate: Commoners' vs Insiders' solutions...same, but different!

Titles given to posts, articles, or opinions are based on the fact that: Everyone is a genius when it comes to war, religion, and politics.

But give a prediction! Every genius with a computer piles on.

But for the unfortunate prediction in the title, this interview offers real grounds for debate...in fact, the interview turns into a debate! Real progress for Karen.

A lot of information was known and unknown before, but debated here on two different levels: Insider whose been working thru the 'Rule of Law' (top down) and a 'commoner, like me, you, and Hancock, working from the ground up, looking for info to hang our decision-making info on....

The support for both is uplifting!

Fuck the title of the post, a total distraction from 200 years of lies.

If someone wants to discuss the feasibility of the title of this post... ?

Start another post.

Personally, I'm much more interested in the content, the debate, e.g., the early 1800's Treaties she talks about early on regarding our birth certificate information and its meaning. Old news but definitely worth repealing if known amongst us 'commoners'...

But you aren't a genius in history, just a war strategist genius...
like the rest...

So consider this whole response, rhetorical Please. This thread within a thread, is a sorry=ass distraction from where I sit. And I've said my peace on the distraction, now, that's all.

There's so much more to the post than this thread-within-a-thread.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


It doesn't take a genius to recognize when someone is full of it.

You've skated off the rails a bit. The video may be fine... we're commenting on the moronic nature of the claim though. You didn't make it clear that you were trying to change the subject.

So true, 'Thysw',

Now. You, are in the 'genius' pool. Uhhh....well, Congratulations!

I guess.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

I've listened to interviews

I've listened to interviews of Karen Hudes before. She has deep insight into the Banking cartels inner workings. I did not watch the entire clip but did watch the part relevant to this OP. She is claiming that an unnamed, unverified, 2nd hand source told her that there will be 380k U.N. Troops surrounding D.C. in the first part of October. That statement all by itself, without any other details or explanations does not lend any credibility to her.

It is beyond the credulity of anyone with even a passing familiarity with military operations. It is impossible to conceal the movement of so many personnel, particularly when they are supposed to converge on one location within the month. For Hudes to make that unqualified statement, and that the interviewer did not offer any challenge, really begs the question.

It makes me wonder if she is purposely diminishing her own credibility to protect herself. Often a whistle-blower gets pressured into doing this to themselves rather than face the alternative - which is very unpleasant and often fatal.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan