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South Carolina Poll, Lindsey Graham 42% Bright 13% Mace 10% Cash 7%

Lindsey Graham is toast.

all told, Lindsey is only 13 points ahead of the challengers, and the race has just begun!!!!!!!!

Once thought to be a sure bet for re-election, a new poll shows that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has seen his support fall among South Carolina Republicans, as his three primary challengers begin their campaigns against him.

The poll, conducted by Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone Communications, shows Graham at 42%, Lee Bright with 13%, Nancy Mace taking 10%, and Richard Cash at 7%. And though he fares better in head-to-head matchups against his primary challengers, Graham is still under 50%.

cross tabs showing support among women, men, youth, whites, blacks, etc, linked to in article, very good stuff!


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Wishful thinking?

The guys has more than double the support of his nearest competition and you think he is "toast". Were you also completely sure Ron Paul had the support to win the nomination in 2012? Because I'm starting to see a wishful thinking motif on this site.

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Yikes! 43%. Might be time to

Yikes! 43%. Might be time to find out what SC's residency laws are. Packup and move just to vote Graham out of office.

43% is scary... really

43% is scary... really scary..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

How is that Scary?

Most Republicans are evil people. They also went out their way to elect A fraud named Romney and cheated our man Ron Paul at the convention. Just because Rand is in the loop with Republicans, doesn't mean they changed. The party is corrupt and filled with hateful war mongering chicken hawks.

I guess you can say its scary but it is common knowledge.

Good luck voting and all,

What's the plan to outsmart those voting machines?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

This is great because the

This is great because the challengers have spent basically no money so far, and they already have 30% against Grahams 42%.

I think Lindsey is going down.

Talk to people on the street

Talk to people on the street and see if you can get them on record that they support Ms. Graham. I think not.

The only way you'll get that

The only way you'll get that dirtbag out of office is by running a challenger with a near identical name (i.e.: Lyndon Graham or Lindsay Gramm).

Go Lee Bright!

I'm in SC & didn't vote in that poll!

We'll see. Even my friends here who are VERY pro-Israel, even they cannot stand Lindsey Graham, and they have lived their most of their lives in SC, unlike me who moved from CT last fall.

They like Nancy Mace. I'm trying to tell them about Lee Bright, but things in the south move a little slower, lol.

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This could be good news!

He is at 42% but apparently 28%+/- are undecided.

More BS

How fricken dumb has the lambstream media become to think they can pull this BS over the people again and again? Lets start the MSM rEVOLution for real and honest media. And while we are at it VOTE counting reform! Mrs. Lindsay Graham needs to go to PRISON not the Senate.

Another crooked poll used to proclaim this or that

Will they ever learn that old poll trick. Same old Zio media trick to lead the voters off the cliff.

42% of any American group that still would vote for this turd?

Nah I cant buy into that! Meybe 10 years ago but not no more.

What can you expect from lairs and theives?


This is actually quite

This is actually quite expected. Here in South Carolina, you got to understand Graham's been around for a while. There hasn't been any real campaigning yet either, so this is actually bad news for Graham. The only thing candidates have done so far is travel to a few places.

The politically involved people are already pretty united against Graham. Once the public begins to know what Graham has done the past few years, those numbers will fall. I actually am encouraged by this poll.

Still at 42%?

What's wrong with SC's? I'd think by now he wouldn't be getting ANY support whatsoever! Somebody needs to wake those people up.

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James Madison

This isn't as bad as it appears

The game just began. Graham is falling. The election is a year away.

The game is rigged. Haven't we seen enough of that?

At this point, I would rather make Lindsey Graham as uncomfortable as possible. The sooner SOBs such as Graham, McCain, Peter King,etc. start looking over their shoulders, the happier I will be.

They might actually start

They might actually start listening.......i mean, LISTENING.......not playing poker or something