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Boiling Frogs Post Needs “Your” Support: Take a Stand & Make a Statement by Supporting a Real Alternative

If you're not reading/listening to Boiling Frogs Post, you should be. The head of that site is CIA whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. And for fans of CorbettReport.com, James Corbett is part of the "BFP umbrella" (as you can see in the "about us" link).

In any case, they're having a fundraiser right now. This is not a website that we should let be financially "starved out". We need info like this getting out there. Please consider supporting them. Even a $20 donation would help them.


We want to thank all our supporters for their kind and generous contributions during these tough times. We know who you are. You are not ‘the’ 1% with deep pockets and devious agendas who feed and sustain the mainstream and pseudo-alternative misinformation mediums. On the other hand you are the ‘other’ 1%: The irate and tireless minority fed up with deception and propaganda, keen to set brush fires in people’s minds. We still have a long way to go before reaching our minimum goal necessary to sustain this truly independent site for another quarter. Without your subscriptions we won’t be able to create and produce original and independent multimedia shows. Without your donations we won’t be able to research and present to you crucial news and developments night after night. It is pretty simple: It boils down to ‘Us’ vs. ‘Them’- So please, let’s NOT let ‘them’ win.

See more [including the "Donate" link] at: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2013/09/06/boiling-frogs-pos...

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Can we help raise $3,300 More for BFP?

They're at $8,200 but have a goal of $11,500.


The boilingfrogspost.com fundraiser is still going on. Their goal is $11,500 but have only raised $4,750 so far. This is the website that brings us interviews like the eye-opening one below where, amongst other things, NSA whistleblower Russ Tice describes how Barack Obama was spied on by the NSA before he was even elected to the Senate. As if that weren't enough, the entire Supreme Court as well. And more. If you haven't heard this one yet, please give it a listen.



In the interest of supporting alt-media

Sybel Edmonds is an amazing person.

Holy Moly~

Somebody downvoted this thread!

lmfao it was probably granger

she is working over time getting paid time and a half.

i wish they had pay pal

or bitcoin payment methods.

I donated to Corbett report instead. He's got paypal.

$20.00 to you james. keep up the good work

Confirmation number: 3W665942CV150011F

Let's see.

Wow, that's almost 2,000 JPY!!!


inflation is not supposed to exist


Great information site! My subscription had lapsed for months because of an updated credit card. But I resubscribed 2 weeks with so much going on.

I also signed up on corbettreport.com