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McCain AGAIN refuses to answer question because it's "false"

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Evidence from our own US State Dept that rebels linked Al-Qaeda

I added screenshots from our State Dept's website and a bit of commentary on the point:


Check out http://iroots.org/
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notice how deformed and hideous Kerry & McCain are looking.
Kind of like how Smeagle became as He worshiped the Ring of evil.
(my precious),,,,


I've been to Syria

Looks like one of the main reasons Mr. McCain went to Syria is so he could say "I've been to Syria"...blah, blah, blah.
Evidently, he knew he would be made one of the mouthpieces for the WARMONGERS...and have to do the bid of "selling" this nonsense to the American people...he completely ignores the 91%, which the last time I check was not just a majority...but a landslide.
If you look up the definition of "arrogant dick" in the dictionary, it say to see John McCain.

McCain admitted he is lying

Through body language. A head scratch right before the big lie at around 1:15

Even McCain's own son confronts him....

Senator McCain... in his most dramatic role as an arrogant bastard.

Oh wait that's not McCain.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Re 9/11, YOU'RE BUSTED!!!

He “knows for a fact” they “will not act”…he says, ”I guarantee you”…..sooooooo…

Senator McCain, if you’re so absolutely sure of your position, that means it wasn’t blowback that took out the twin towers, was it, based on your judgment? It must have been an inside job.

Ooops, care to retract your statement? What do you “know for a fact” about 9/11 you are not telling us?
Then again, you did mightily endorse the Popular Mechanics hit piece that attempted to discredit the “conspiracy” revelation that challenged NIST on what really happened on 9/11, thereby refuting your own attempt here to minimize blowback. You can't have your cake and eat it.

You are so EXPOSED and BUSTED!!!

What an arrogant SOB!

To completely dismiss the idea that Syria will do nothing if attacked is foolish. Maybe they won't but what if they do? The man is nuts.


McCain is losing it. Keep sawing on that board you are standing on John, you are an idiot.

Recommendation for reporters interviewing McCain

Ask him how he would respond to citizens arresting him and taking him into custody for war crimes and providing material support to Al Qaeda and associated forces.

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McCain must get his intel

From CNN and MSNBC

"Have you ever been to Syria?" What a tool!!

Look at the tell tale head scratch at about the 1:18 mark right before he lies and denies. McStain is a fucking liar and a traitor!!!!!

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Epic Rant by UK Taxi Driver - McCain playing poker

Warning!( some foul language )
Senator McCain caught playing poker on iPhone during Syria

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

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I didn't think it was possible to make this guy look even worse.

I stand corrected. Just keep hammering away. There is not much left to go before this reptilian shape-shifter is finally exposed to the world in his true form.. Nice post.

Man, I love

this surge of videos showing McCain get his a** handed to him time and time again.

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"The most powerful nation in the world"

Dangerous and foolish words- What an idiot! O-bomb-ya handed this fool his turd sandwich and he is gobbling it down faster than you can say Nuclear Apocalypse.
Has McShame ever lobbied for ANYTHING this hard in his life?

He sounds like "cock of the

He sounds like "cock of the school yard". .. an imbecile talking about "Guarantees about them not reacting if we strike them"....like it matters as the point of discussion. This sub-rational intellectual dwarf needs to stay home and let the grown-ups take over like Ron Paul.

Drunken with power

is what came to my mind, but I like yours better.

Reminds me of a scene from the movie Homegrown

"Jack: Harlan, you don't dare somebody to kill ya."

to what picture is he referring?

So mccain says there are no alqueda in syria? I wish i could hear those words directly from his mouth. He knows this because he has apparently been there and done that...

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Pic with Syrian Rebels



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Isn't the guy on the left (NOT Fat ass McCain)

the one who cut out and ate some guys heart? Looks like him.

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"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

"Targets Of Future Drone Attack..." Pose w/ highest paid shill?

"Target Of Future Drone Attack Urges American Intervention In Syria"

“President Obama and American forces must step in and help us overthrow Assad,” said the radical Islamist who will be the object of what will one day be an intense and lengthy manhunt by the CIA and whose death will reportedly be hailed as a major strategic victory by counterterrorism officials. “


the current head of the CIA is a Muslim. I wonder how many other members of this administration are Muslims?

I continue to go back and ask what Michael Hastings had on Jon Brennan? What information did Hastings posses that contributed to his murder?