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Common Core? More like Common Piece Of Crap!

As a 16 year old in high school, I have to say that Common Core is the biggest joke ever. So bad, that even my teachers make fun of the requirements.

Here are just a few of the BS standards required:

1. Common Core requires to teachers to answer a question WITH A QUESTION. Think about it, how is a 16 year old going to comprehend that..it's stupid.

2. Common Core requires teachers to teach other subjects during a 45 minute period called MESH (Math, English, Science, History). I'm not sure this is an actual part of Common Core, but for 45 minutes a day (this is my snario), my Marketing teacher has to teach a different subject like Mondays it's Math, Tuesdays it's English, Wednesdays it's Science, and Thursdays it's History. You think a music teacher can teach Chemistry? A math teacher teach English? A early childhood teacher teach Geometry?

3. Common Core requires group work. Everyone must get in groups and do work together, but what if a person works and learns better alone? What if a person's dad just died and doesn't want to be around people? What if a person has Autism and doesn't like to be around people? Just think about it.

My school is divided on this issue. Some of my more conservative teachers flat out oppose it, some don't even care, and some of my progressive-communist teachers that claim to be republican (Marketing & English teachers) flat out worship Common Core. They love it so much that if Common Core was a person, they would marry it and have kids with it.

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You want to manufacture a

You want to manufacture a society of mentally retarded people? Common Core. There you have it. A whole country full of retards.

motivational Seminar's

this reminds me of a motivational self empowerment seminar a buddy of mine paid 300$ a weekend togo to. he would ask how he can make his life better and they would say back "i dont know tony, how CANNNN you make ur life better.?" common core like that is a big pile of shit.

these national standards will only hurt the minorities and poorer school districts. you cant have the same cookie cutter education for every group of kids in the country. who's going to know how to teach poor kinds in Atlanta or LA better, there parents and the local community? or some assholes up in their ivory towers in DC, or vermont.

On another note this type of things been going on here and there for a while. im 27 went to school in WA, but when i was in middle and high school they switched from algebra to "integrated mathematics" and as a result me and my entire class for like 3 years had no clue wtf was going on in math. and had to retake it all in college. im not even confident kids will be able todo basic math in there head at the end of high school, gonna have to make good use of the calculator app on the iphone when there trying to figure out a 10% tip on a 100$ dollar bill.

so down with common core and the department of education, so on and so forth.


Even though

we homeschool Common Core is quickly becoming a big pain in my @ss.

How does Common Core affect Homeschoolers?

A Response to President Obama’s New State Standards for Education

Clash over Common Core: Opposition grows


“It’s a violation of privacy,” she said, echoing both Bell and Peters’ concerns. “The government will tell you there is no central database that is part-and-parcel of Common Core, but that’s an outright lie. They’re tracking over 400 data points, from parents’ political and religious affiliations to how much money they make, what the child eats, behaviors and attitudes toward sex…everything. It’s Orwellian. I had my eyes closed to this and I didn’t believe any of it until I saw for myself.”

Russell says she is now barnstorming her state – and notably local school board meetings - with fellow No Common Core Maine members to educate parents, teachers and school administrators on Common Core issues.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I’m not some crazed woman,” she added. “But we’re leading our kids right into communism.

"You have them choosing their career path by middle school and you have standards that every child is going to learn the same thing the exact, same way, no matter who they are as individuals, or what they bring in terms of ability. Children are not common. People are not common. They are unique. And that’s not what Common Core is about.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/09/06/clash-over-common-core-...

I work in schools. The vast

I work in schools. The vast majority of teachers I have worked with do not like common core. Actually, most didn't like state mandated curriculum prior to common core. Cookie cutter education. Well, more like cookie cutter indoctrination.

Public schools never cared

Public schools never cared about 'your' son or daughter any ways, it was always about what was fair, creating state jobs, and control.

Like the guy below said, Common Retardation.

Southern Agrarian

Thanks for your post.

FYI- Answering questions with a question is nothing new... Please look up "Socratic Method"... I understand your frustration to this method, but try and learn from it since it can be very useful... I'm old (43 is old to 16yr old, I know) and I still use this method often. Try turning it around... answer your teachers questions, with your own.

What makes Common Retards?

Common Core = Common Retardation.

Con to the Core.


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.