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Don't Wash Your Chicken! Or Abolish The U.S.D.A Now!

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a 'photonovella" about chicken-washing? ROFL

and I thought I had a bad job

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

I never had any doubt that the bacteria

on the surface of the chicken would be the first in line to die when you cook it. I wash my chicken to remove the toxins that the bacteria gives off. I don't splatter, then I clean up after myself.

Defend Liberty!

If you ever worked in a chicken processing plant

you would understand why. the whole line is only cleaned and sterilized at the end of the day. If the first chicken in the line has salmonella then all others that follows will be infected.

All grocery store meat should be treated as toxic waste until cooked! I prefer not to buy it!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

The flourescenct green is an artist's rendition.

Enhanced to exaggerate the point with color.

The real message should be, clean up after preparing raw meat.

They don't need expensive videos and brochures for that. The point is to waste borrowed money and brown-nose the public.

Free includes debt-free!

I always DANCE with my chicken.

Before I cook it, maybe some nice music...

Don't be making any chicken jokes now, come on, this is serious.

as a chicken

I do believe that poultry hygeine is highly important. Just don't choke your chicken.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

They way ya'll run is funny.

They way ya'll run is funny.

yes but you

have to admit we eem to have taught some how to walk! bockbock that and, we get chicks

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Typical idiots and one-size-fits-all solutions

There are times when you wanna wash meats.

1. These days almost all the butchering happens the same location as the slaughter houses which is the same location as the concentrated feed lots. These are prone to all kinds of contamination.

2. If bacteria was present and growing out of control it's not just the bacteria itself that's a problem but their toxic excreta. Take botulinum toxin for example.

3. I guess they have never heard of brining.

4. As noted by other posters below YES YOU CAN REDUCE THE BACTERIAL LOAD FROM THE SURFACE OF MEAT BY WASHING. It takes time and repeated applications of clean water, drying the surface of the meat also helps.

Get your preps together! Learn historic food storage and preservation methods and the science that makes them work now, start saving money and the future

What if you fill a container

What if you fill a container with clean water first and dunk the chicken in gently to reduce splashing. Would that work better?

Yes, but this is a government-funded

program, spending money to tell minority communities what to do. Government biases about how well mundanes can follow instructions leads to one-step advice.

Defend Liberty!

On the right track

but you gotta change out water at least 3 times or you are just spreading bacteria around.

Get your preps together! Learn historic food storage and preservation methods and the science that makes them work now, start saving money and the future

I wash my chicken.

LOL! In microbiology class we washed a chicken and had unwashed chicken and swabbed and put in petri dish. They were both gross. You have to wash it twice or for a real long time.

I wash the chicken

they can suck an egg!

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You know a video's full of shit when

comments are disabled. That's never necessary for a video that tells the truth.

comments have been disabled

comments have been disabled on youtube for over 2 months. you can't leave a comment on any video. trying to silence us.

What drugs are you on buddy?

What drugs are you on buddy? The author of this video chose to disable comments themselves. No grand conspiracy to silence us good lord... don't you realize when you say things like that you make us look like the boy who cried wolf?

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

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Who the heck actually washes pre-processed packaged chicken

anyway, and for what?

We've been eating chicken all our lives and never rinsed it just to rinse it unless it fell on a dirty surface or something. Maybe a freshly slaughtered one that had a mishap during dressing, or a whole bird that happened to be extra bloody, but that's rare if you let them drain a while.

You washed off half the flavor. Lol

Out of the pack, and into whatever it's being cooked in.

That's what cooking is for. And it works too. Lol, In fact, I generally never cook chicken to 180 either. It dries it out. 160 - 165, maybe 170, is plenty good, even without washing. Never made us sick.

I do

Mostly just to get the slime off.


So they think minorities are so ignorant that they can't prevent cross contamination from washing their raw chicken. Incredible.

Personally, I always wash mine, but I (with my husband) also slaughter, pluck and eviscerate them. If you've ever done that before... you KNOW they need to be washed.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

no kidding

I wash any meat that comes from a grocery store.
I've worked in a butcher shop. Who knows what those
idiots are doing in there? I hate buying meat from
anyone, but sometimes we need it.

I also disinfect my sinks and countertops...
Maybe the concerned White lady in the video thinks
"minority people" don't do that.

USDA is correct

I never wash chickens. Mine just run around the yard pecking all day, they really don't get that dirty. What is wrong with y'all? Oh wait, y'all were talking about dead chickens.... my bad, my bad.

A program designed to tell minority (black) people how to cook.

Our government is the biggest bigotry platform in the world.
Maybe some craackas need to learn to cook also.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

hahaha. ohmiGod

I just saw your comment and, for whatever reason, it cracked me up.
so true
And now the GOP is in fits trying to figure out
who would be the best candidate [Rubio?Jorge Bush?]
to pull in the Hispanic vote in '16.


have people lost their damn minds? They spent money to do a study on unique minority food safety risks - wtf...
Who gives a crap if someone washes a chicken? Was there an epidemic of minorities dropping dead from taking "unusual" food safety risks? I didn't think so. Also, white people like chicken too. I guess no one gives a crap if I die from washing my chicken - which I do and will continue to do because I like living on the edge.//rant off//

Thanks for sharing Barracuda, that rant wasn't directed at you :-)

Above post is racist trollbait designed to make us all look dumb

The video is bullshit, but you essentially just said..
"Yeah, those damn minorities and their.. health! Fuck them!"

No, I

didn't. Wow, you really read a lot into that. I think the video is a stupid waste of money. I think people of EVERY skin color can figure out, all by themselves, if they want to wash their chicken and if it poses any safety risks. I thought the whole idea of the study was racist, it implied that minorities, for some unknown reason, needed help with food safety. I know, for a fact, this is not true. I worked in a bar for many years with many minorities and have never once noticed any unusual food safety issues. I hope ALL people are healthy, minorities and white people. I just don't see in my post where I implied, "Yeah, those damn minorities and their.. health! Fuck them!". I said I don't give a shit who washes chicken and I don't. I'm a chicken washer, just like the minorities in the video and if the USDA funds a study that produces some sort of important information about chicken washing(which is doubtful)I would appreciate it if they would pass that information on to me. Clearly, I offended you and I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to make anyone look bad or engage in racist trollbaiting.

Julia Child washes her chicken, she feels it's safer.

Inspection are government run. If they inspect chickens like they're fiscally responsible, watch out!

@ 7:12

Free includes debt-free!

Julia Child

Always washed her chickens.
(just wash everything down with bleach water after)

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BS! After killing the chicken it's best to throw it in hot water

remove the feathers, take out the innerds, and I can not imagine not washing it good after that!!! This just proves what a waste of money these government sponsored studies are.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.