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CNN ramps up the propaganda

Videos authenticated by the 'intelligence' community.

CNN.....It's what they do.


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This isn't the full video that's shown on the CNN site

It cuts of the first thirty seconds where the anchor is clear that the claim of authenticity could NOT be independently verified by CNN and that the reason they are reporting it despite that is that they had independently verified that this is what has been shown to Senators.

I don't see a problem with letting viewers know what it is their Senators have viewed while being clear it wasn't independently verified by CNN that the video represents anything other than what the Senators were shown.

I've seen the shilling from CNN, especially from before it was clear Obama wouldn't have an easy go of having his claims believed without showing evidence, but this is not an example of biased reporting. The anchor reported on it responsibly if you view the whole video.


Defend Liberty!

It is very upsetting to see this happening

I wonder who did it?

It would be even more horrifying to steam in there with guns blazing only to find out later that any involvement had assisted in advancing the agenda of the evil toe rags who actually did this.



Top right corner

U.S. Government/Youtube
That's all I need. Bombs away, murder murder, kill kill.It's like the Military Industrial Complex has to take a piss and releasing missiles everywhere is its only relief. This THING is a monster, a beast, a force upon itself. FRN's are the blood and the federal reserve is its heart pumping out more. Greed, power, and access to power is what keeps it humming and pardon my language but who the FUCK are these gremlins on the idiot box coughing up this phlegm all over an already exploited dead body of a nation.


That's the best they can show us?

So let's pump this crap out

So let's pump this crap out to the people for consumption and of course the picts of Gaddafi but,,, god forbid we show bin Ladin's dead corpse or produce any proof of that heroic[sarc](fake) raid to kill or capture him.

How any thinking person can listen to this nonsense is beyond me. I hope the ineptitude continues with their propaganda at a pace that continues to help the awakening of enough of us to turn the tables.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

I have no idea what I was

I have no idea what I was seeing with these videos. They are conclusive of NOTHING, time? taken by whom? where? ...doctors?,