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Who in CONgress takes AIPAC $'s?


Get the most current #'s on the $'s received in CONgress from AIPAC

Here is the direct link: http://www.wrmea.org/pdf/201210pac_charts.pdf

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How much is AIPAC paying you? Geesh...Israel could server you up a big plate of feces and you'd eat it gladly...

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
- President John F. Kennedy

I wish I could bring myself to work for AIPAC

Starting pay is $92K..

To me, AIPAC isn't a friend to Israel, it's a MIC addiction, and that's too bad, because awesome things are coming out of Israel and we have to hope some generous investor will get something to the public.. Westley Clark could sell magnetic wheel transportation.. he has the corproation, but he waits for a lucrative MIC contract.

I don't know how to end it except to compete with Israel, and when that comes to genius, it's rather hard..

If you knew the truth about Israel you might see that big plate of feces as proof you've been programed ?

well granger for once I agree with you....somewhat

I agree we should not be condemning the whole country, in fact most Israeli's are good people. It's really just the leadership, banksters and the corporatists that are the issue. They have the same problems with propganda and lies as we do here. And there is a raging debate in Israel itself regarding the country's direction. But you already knew that.

MIC is much to blame for sure. But Israel, or I should Israeli leaders and their other power brokers are also to blame. And we ourselves are also to blame as well, for allowing, turning our head or being fooled by propaganda and allowing a system in which our leaders can be bought.

I will up vote you on this one. Which i am sure will get me some down votes. But I hope people read my post to understand my point. If you dangle a carrot out there, some sociopath is going go for it.

MIC is international

Thank you conalmc.

may ask you question?

you don't have to answer. But are you of Israeli back round? Not going to put you down if you are or oust. I can understand if you don't want to answer that. I honestly have no issue with Israeli citizens, just the people in charge.

I am

I am not an Israeli at all. I guess about a half year ago, I started doing my own study on Israel.. and once I got past tons of really bad stuff, most I had known about.. I began to see something about Israel that was amazing.. I saw that Israel is thriving. The US is not thriving, so Israel must be doing something right by compared to the rest of us.. that's how I found out how they are not under the yolk of the UN Agenda.. And I think Rothchild found his gold, mining the genius of some Jewish people.. where Rockefeller is industrial/ socialist, keynesian ..

So I've come to think that Israel has alot of bad propeganda as a diversion, to put people off Israel.. but actually, Israel is the solution.. Israel is not at war.. Israel is not policiing the world.. Israel has tons of business and peace..

I plan on going to Israel, hope to do some volunteer work.. Just studying Israel I came up with three business plans.. so to me, people and articles can say what they want.. but I see the fruit, and I think it's awesome.

You forget that Israel gets a lot of help from other people

And what do we get? Other then dead bodies and bought off politicians? How silly is that, we send them billions and then their sociopaths buy our politicians for far less. What a great deal for them. And part of the reason we are not thriving is because we keep sending more money to other countries like Israel and doing all their dirty work. You don't feel there is a disparity there? Israel has a population smaller then many cities in this country, and yet we send enough money there to give each citizen 10k a year. If you are really for Rand Paul, then you should be against wealth redistribution of ANY kind. Honestly I would feel it less of an insult if the money actually went to the people and not the MIC war machine that exists there as well. I still prefer neither.

I wont dispute that Israel has some smart people. I've always claimed that they are smart as whole. But the negative hype for their gov is hardly propaganda. There are plenty of cheerleaders for Israel in the media. Half if not most the media is owned by someone who is partial to Israel's agenda. I will agree that this negative image does over shadow some of the good things but turning and looking the other way is part of the problem.

Israel not at war? Seriously granger, I really don't know how you get that idea. Just because they haven't declared war on anyone officially doesn't mean they are not engaged in war. In fact they are always at the center of or involved with every conflict in the middle east it seems. Last I checked they were at war with the Palestinian groups. Or are they just dropping bombs in gaza for fun? Sorry but bombing is an act of war. Regardless if it was provoked or not, that is still warring.

And so what, you get some ideas from them so all of the sudden it's ok to ignore the irrefutable negative actions their gov takes. That is just sad. That's like giving Obama a pass on all crap he's done, cause he may have done 1 thing right....not that he has but you get the point.

It's almost as if you are seeking conflict.....

take away US AID and military support and you won't find Israel nearly as "thriving"... they may have money in their pockets but their leadership is morally broke.

Take away US AID

and the US will sink, not Israel.

I think the US should adopt Israeli constitutional policy to our constitution rather than kill our constitution for a global government.

LOL! You are delusional!

LOL! You are delusional!
Since the mid-1980's Israel has received nearly 3 billion dollars, per year,
in grants from the United States, ALONE!, and is the largest continuous recipient of U.S. foreign aid, since World War II.
Don't come in here comparing a "thriving" little start-up economy,
such as this, to that of the United States.
That is extremely philistine, if not just plain ignorant.
Israel should show some humility and gratitude to the world for its
very existence.
You should go to Israel. It's a beautiful country. My last girlfriend
is Israeli. If you fly on El Al, you might see her mother's photos in
the tourist brochures. Many Israelis do not have the same fervor for
Zionism as you. They wish to live in peace without having to worry about
the conflicts, caused by their political leadership and "supporters" in the West.

grants... aid....

I totally plan going to Israel,

My studies show me that Israel is doing very well.. those grants are investments in Israeli intel and products.. and the US is far from alone.. the contracts through the MIC (AIPAC) many things that were military issue become redesigned and put on the public market after they made their investment goal with military contracts.

I think Israel has a great model for a government.. but I haven't been there.. just keep studying.. and to me, it's way beyond a little start up.. looks to me they haev the most advanced global businesses located there.

I hope you continue to study.

I hope you continue to study.
I hope, as you continue to learn,
that you don't forget how to think.
Your passion is admirable.

Investments? now you are just trying to piss people off

Ok then where is my return? I should be getting a Tavor IWI rifle in the mail any day now right?...... Oh wait, I actually have to go buy one and send them more money for one But some of my tax dollars went to IWI, an investment you say. I want to cash my investment in cause I am retiring early. Where is my Tavor granger?

Its not an investment when a government takes someones money without asking or permission and gives it to someone else with no direct benefit to the person which the money originally belonged to. That is nothing more then theft.

If their gov is so great why are there many people living there against its actions. Clearly their gov is just like ours and only represents the biggest campaign donors. And if they were so great, why is it they even need AID money to exist......Without the big bully backing them they wouldn't be nearly as bold.

two parts

Many of the things you use that cost very little by comparison of you were going to make it.. medical, tech, agriculture, alturnative energy.. comes from Israel intel.. goes to different nations as bids, then patents, then production..

The aid Israel gets is actually insurance.. Israel doesn't need anyone double dealing.. they decide who can get what.. and they don't need someone giving someone else what they didn't want then to have, like nukes... Israel has 300 nukes because they have the genuis in Israel to make as many as they want.. other countries do not have the genius, and when they make threats to Israel.. then those who are investing in Israel pay an insurance as in aid so Israel is mit betrayed..

What do you mean, if Israel is so great, why do so many live there against it's actions? Do you mean the orthodox Jews who want the messiah to come and don't need or want a state? No disrespect, but these are not the genius that are Israel's repunzels (people who invent and produce very high tech products.)

There government is like ours, but more like ours is supposed to be than what ours actually is.. they protest the rights of the people and the people IDF (which most are trained) comes to gether to protect the state.. but every man us his own policeman in his community.. in cities, crossing the boarder, it's much like ours.


lol granger granger granger

You are never going to convince anyone that our AID money to Israel is insurance. That is pretty much an insult if you ask me. What could Israel possible do for us, other then stop buying off our politicians. And Israel has nuke technology cause they got it from us......

There is a growing group of people in Israel that do not agree with and question their gov. Its not to different then the RP movement. Mostly young folks. Don't you remember all the facebook posts that went viral of all the Iranians a Israelis saying they don't want to hate each other and that they love each other. That was just one part of it.

you are hopeless.... No wonder people think you are a paid troll for AIPAC.

It's OK

I have come to the conclusion, that you are correct.. most people are not going to see it.. they are going to see shit.. a million ways it's going to be nothing but shit for them..

I've even thought to myself, maybe this is what it is to be a chosen one? How is it that I have come to see Israel.. and I've lost friends over this.. but I can't deny what I've seen and the gifts.. like I said, at $92K working at AIPAC is just the regular schmoe jobs.. and there's no reason to be stuck at AIPAC.. Israel has an absolutely fantastic business environment.. they are thriving.. and so can I.. so while everyone else mucks around in their hate for Israel.. it's like I guess you should.. if envy and jealously are what make for hate, fear and loathing.. Israel has it MADE.. and anyone who sees Israel past the shit has it made.. so I'm happy, so happy, so pleased, so gifted by my discovery.. that it's fine by me if others don't see it the way I do.. I'm grateful (I guess it's "lonely" at the top and now I see why).