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CNN Video: Alan Grayson makes our case, again :)


The only thing I would add to the debate is the question we all want answered. Where is the PROOF of a chemical attack and where is the PROOF against Assad? Multiple claims made by multiple parties does not a mandate make. The argument for war itself is a quagmire.

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Might i also add, that i

Might i also add, that i actually do think the us govrnmenet DOES have the ability to depose assad, and that i infact believe that is the ultimate goal at this stage, to weaken assad for possible deposement, install a more co-operative govrnment next, then possibly move onto iran, should nothing else be in the way......thats where my puzzle pieces seem to be headed, im sure theres more to come, either to prove my point or to show the bigger picture and inacurate assumption

Bump for Alan Grayson

Don't Attack Syria.com!

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Who's the pipsqueak in the

Who's the pipsqueak in the middle sad enough to take a paycheck from ZNN?

Be Your Own Media!!!


Messer says, "Listen" (which BTW, is one of the buzzwords that all of these talking heads start their statements with to sternly get the attention of the second grade level American minds who still buy their BS), "I'm no fan of this President and I'm certainly no fan of this President's foreign policy...I THINK HIS MISMANAGEMENT HAS COMPOUNDED OUR PROBLEMS THERE...but I believe we can't stop being America because we have an ineffective Commander in Chief..."

Translation? He thinks the President has grossly mismanaged the Middle East and doesn't support him or his foreign policy, however, he fervently supports giving Obama even more power and encouragement to continue on. Except, this time, he will be doing so against the wishes and might of the Russian and Chinese military machines, hence risking WW III. All the while, just about the entire adult population of the United States, plus, almost everyone else in world, opposes any action.

What a f'n idiot! This jerk must be first in line for some of the free bribe money that has been dangled in front of him and all the other traitorous Congressional hacks who support this treasonous and illegal act!

I say it's time for his bosses, the American People, to band together and fire all of these ignorant turncoats...and soon, or else!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"



Wish I could up vote your comment by 100.

Truly SPOT ON!

Messer needs to be fired immediately. The only thing that makes sense is he is getting paid to vote a certain way. Just like my rep, Andy Barr in KY. He's a total whore of the MIC.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

You folks in

CONman Messer's dickstrict need to contact him and let him know that he was not elected to serve the interest of Israel.

If anyone can find the full exchange. Please link it here.

Not that there's anything the Dem or the host can really add to it.

I was hoping someone would put this video on DP.

Alan Grayson hits all the key points and articulates the issues perfectly.

It's ironic that a democrat

It's ironic that a democrat is so vociferous against the democrat president and the republican rep supports Obama's call for war...How crazy is this? I wonder if there was more to this exchange than was shown in the clip.

The supporters,

for war are on the "GRAVY TRAIN"