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Obama keeps mentioning the 400 children who died in Syria...

I wish someone would remind him about Madeleine Albright Saying the Deaths Of 500,000 Iraqi Children are Worth It.

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Grossly inflated numbers from all actual accounts.


"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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yeah 400 is a very specific

yeah 400 is a very specific well rounded number is'nt it

as with the proof that proves assads guilt id like to to proof of this 400, thankyou very much

I don't believe the numbers at all

How convenient.

100,000 dead. 400 were children.

Obvious lie.

Watch me pull a rabbit outta the hat.... again.

What's worse is that people then spread these figures all over without even thnking how made up they sound. It's sickening.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
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Reminds me of this...

Where have more

children been killed? In Syria by the rebels (assuming they did it which that likely did not) or in drone strikes in Pipelinestan, Pak-ee-ston and North Africa?

ObombaBush is a fraud, a liar and a war criminal.

If ObombaBush bombs Syria he will be political toast and many countries in the UN will be calling for war crimes charges against him.

This is global political theatre at it's worst.



Number of Abortions In United States today
and worldwide

Are you sure that number is accurate.

If there is 180 million women in the US and about a 1/3 are in child bearing age (60million) and there are supposedly ~3000 babies aborted every day (~1million per year).That would put it at approximately 1.6% of women in their childbearing years has an abortion every year of their 25 year window. If each also has approximately 2 babies just to sustain the population and it takes ~5 years away from having other babies, then the average women has ~0.32 abortions in their life time. Do we really think 32% of women have abortions? I don't know of any specific individual who has had an abortion. Obviously, this isn't something a person would advertise openly, but if 32% of women are having abortions, shouldn't I be aware of at least one abortion or suspect someone to have had an abortion. I don't have the largest group of female friends, but I suspect the statistic you used is either exaggerated or it includes miscarriages that involved medical aid or something that also contributes to the number. Do these numbers perhaps include the number of Plan B pills sold? I'm not saying abortions don't occur or even that there are few of them, but these numbers seem crazy high.

No, I'm not sure.

But, here is the website's Documentation for the basis for the Abortion Counters (Guttmacher, etc.), which appears to be taken from reports by The Guttmacher Institute, a division of Planned Parenthood of America, funded by the World Health Organization, an agency of the UN and the World Bank.

I'm kinda just taking their word for it.

Kind of hard

to tease out the numbers on such a distinction. You'd think there would be a pie chart or something somewhere showing the relative types and reasons for the abortions or some specific definitions Thanks for the link.

Individuals choose to have

Individuals choose to have abortions, they don't "choose" to be droned.

I highly doubt those aborted

I highly doubt those aborted babies chose to be aborted.

Fetuses cannot decide

Fetuses cannot decide anything for themselves. The mother chooses whether or not to bring an unborn baby/fetus to term or not.

It really bugs me when someone other than the mother or father sticks their nose in the parents' business.

"Minding your own business" is sort of a bedrock concept in Libertarianism.


so is non violence, and taking someone's life is the ultimate violence.


Not really.

The bedrock concept of libertarianism is the non-aggression principle. Killing a baby goes completely against the NAP unless the mothers health is at risk. Most abortions are performed for convenience and killing another for convenience is sick and not libertarian at all.

Poor logic

Babies cannot make decisions for themselves either... Is it ok to off them? Oh right, inside it's ok, the second the baby is out it is not.

Yea that makes a TON of sense...