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Obama DOJ in $2.5 Million Sandy Hook Payout

As the nation’s attention turned to potential US military aggression in the Middle East, the Obama administration has made an unusual $2.5 million payout to Connecticut law enforcement and emergency response agencies for their participation in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event.

Under the plan administered by Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice, the Connecticut State Police are slated to collect $663,444, the Town of Newtown will take in $602,293, the Town of Monroe will receive $602,293 and more than two dozen other agencies from the surrounding area will get $296,836. The funds originate from the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program.

Aside from bureaucratic boilerplate there is no immediate explanation as to why the federal government would make such a substantial disbursement to agencies partaking in the incident. “Providing support to the law enforcement agencies that responded to the horrific scene that awaited them at Sandy Hook Elementary School is one small action we can take to bring healing to a community that’s been devastated,” Attorney General Holder remarked in a press release. “Just over eight months after this senseless tragedy, those who lost their lives, and those who continue to grieve, remain in our thoughts and prayers.”[1]


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telltale sign

that this was and is and forever will be a psyops exercise gone hot
we play wid you now it;s cabbage time

look for cabbage head in Beantown next!

I feel for the families affected but can someone please explain

to me why they should get any money? If any money is owed to them, shouldn't it be the state that pays and not the feds?

♫ I want some hush money, or I'm telling Daddy ♫ -Little Brother

http://youtu.be/m8I5MuTHBUs Little Brother Collins threatens to tell Daddy. Who's holding whom? Will $2,500,000 be enough?

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