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Lindsey Graham Risks Primary Defeat With Hawkish Posture in South Carolina

By David Catanese | US News

Senator weighs pushing for unpopular missile strike as his re-election opponents wait in the wings

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. -- As one of the leading advocates for bipartisan immigration reform, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., had already firmly affixed himself to one cause deeply unpopular with conservatives heading into a re-election year.

Now as a war-weary Congress weighs a military strike in Syria, he finds himself championing another policy that risks antagonizing the base.

Graham is on board for launching targeted missile strikes in Syria to diminish its chemical weapon capacity and assist the rebels who have been stuck in a three-year slog with President Bashar Assad that's resulted in more than 100,000 dead.

Next to Sen. John McCain, there's no more forceful and visible advocate for a muscular response. Graham half-jokes about his ubiquitous appearances on the cable networks to talk foreign policy, but says he's a highly-sought out guest because "I speak with an accent, but without a doubt."

Nonetheless, as he seeks a third term in 2014, Graham appears fully cognizant of the risks of his hawkish posture.


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He sure must look like a fool now

Hope the good people of SC can see that now.

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