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Congress Members Who Have Seen Classified Evidence About Syria Say It Fails to Prove Anything

Congress Members Who Have Seen Classified Evidence About Syria Say It Fails to Prove Anything

The administration’s public case for chemical weapons use by the Syrian government is extremely weak, and former high-level intelligence officers say that publicly-available information proves that the Syrian government likely did not carry out the chemical weapons attacks.

The Obama administration claims that classified intelligence proves that it was the Assad government which carried out the attacks.

But numerous congressional members who have seen the classified intelligence information says that it is no better than the public war brief … and doesn’t prove anything.

Congressman Justin Amash said last week:

What I heard in Obama admn briefing actually makes me more skeptical of certain significant aspects of Pres’s case for attacking

He noted yesterday, after attending another classified briefing and reviewing more classified materials:

Attended another classified briefing on #Syria & reviewed add’l materials. Now more skeptical than ever. Can’t believe Pres is pushing war.

Congressman Tom Harkin said:

I have just attended a classified Congressional briefing on Syria that quite frankly raised more questions than it answered. I found the evidence presented by Administration officials to be circumstantial.

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My Conspiracy theory

They are expecting some kind of attack on the Anniversary of Sept. 11. They need to be seen as being on the offense, somewhere, ANYWHERE and Syria is the best option. Another Benghazi, where they were caught off guard and were seen as reacting to events is intolerable and might be fatal to an already weakend Presidency.

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Bogus briefings used to blow off questions at those annoying

committee hearings.


The illusion of evidence

The illusion of evidence

Yup, no "there"


What I precict

It will pass in the Senate, but fail in the House. As a result, the administration will still launch "targeted air strikes". This will be devastating to the limitation on war powers, but the divided Congress will fail to take action against the executive branch. As a result, war powers will remain within the executive branch and without Congressional approval, even after Obama leaves office.

This could also easily start a major regional war, as Syria would likely have no choice but to target U.S. allies in the region, instead of the U.S. itself. Iran, Egypt, and Russia all have mutual defense agreements, which could start a major, major problem over there.

What happened to this Obama guy? At some point, even conservatives had some faith in his foreign policy. He ran on an anti-war foreign policy for God sakes. Clearly he's not at the wheel.

What I have seen

is them pushing video that provokes an emotional response. Nothing that proves anything. Here is an MSN headline. http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/09/07/20377556-white...

The video in the news clip proves nothing.

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

Appealing to peoples emotions

Appealing to peoples emotions and passing it along as facts

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Thanks for the post!

good read and information, Global Research has the most extensive archive on the Syria situation, very good source.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

With a little Internet

With a little Internet research, you know more about the Syrian situation than most congress critters.


This needs to get out.