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In case the Internet gets censored, does your area have a meshnet?

Hey guys. I searched "meshnet" and it doesn't look like it's been talked about since last October. Kind of surprised me on a place like this. I don't know a whole lot about it, as I just found out about it.

The meshnet is an underground rebuild of the Internet. It works basically the same way, you group your area to a central server (or multiple servers) and those servers run something called "cjdns" and connect out to all the other central hub servers in different areas. You can email and make websites, basically same deal, just without all the government backdoors.

I think it's a great idea. Take away the central control of the Internet! Then it will truly be in the hands of the people. In my area, people have tried to start it a couple times but it hasn't gained a huge amount of momentum. Maybe it just needs more DPers involved.

More information: https://projectmeshnet.org/
An article about it: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21929294.500-meshnet-a...

So, does your area have a meshnet? If not you should consider helping in the effort to get one started. We may not have much time!

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Think of

it on a small scale where you could share a wireless network with your neighbors and use point to point antennas to bridge wider distances. This would require no special software and you could divide the network up however you please. The only catch would be that right now in order to connect to the established web you would be at the mercy of the provider and if they saw excessive bandwidth or suspicious traffic, they would probably drop you for violating the usage rules and you would have to use somebody else for your link to the main web. If enough people linked these private networks together using wireless they could use their own lookup servers (dns) to create a new wireless peer to peer web and not need the large providers.

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Thanks for the post

I have been looking for alternative solutions like this. I will dig into more details on this.

No problem. I'm glad someone

No problem. I'm glad someone decided to feature it, I posted it quite a while ago but no one really saw it. Seems to me like the kind of thing that would be talked about a lot around here.


Is awesome. Thanks for the link and the info.

This sounds amazing...but....

If this is legit,it would be amazing to have internet totally in the hands of the people.But I have to admit,Brushfire has a valid point.Who's to say the feds aren't backing this & building it to make us THINK we have total "freedom from the overlord",while infact,they are watching everything we do......???
If there is a way to confirm that the feds or elites have nothing to do with this & no way to trace users or control websites,I say "FULL SPEED AHEAD" with it!!!!But personally,I think it would be amazing if hackers & programmers could collaborate & write some kind of bug that would completely neutralize all tracking,tracing,oversight or control on the internet.

Ultimately you have to trust

Ultimately you have to trust someone, you can't learn everything. The code is open source and intended to be set up by the community itself, not a pre-sold product which could easily be bugged. That said, back doors can always exist in code and sometimes they're near impossible to spot. I don't really know a way around this, but the fact that it is open source and community run means those things could probably be fixed quickly if found.

Unfortunately I like most don't know a whole lot about the underlying technology, so I'm forced to just do my best to find out what those who do think and why. In this case I feel like the Internet is so thoroughly controlled and I fear will soon be censored, that it can't hurt if anything.

I don't mean to sound rude....

...but this reminds me of the time the secret service wore backpacks, polos and khakis on our campus, it made them look even NARC-ier than suits, walkie-talkies and drug dogs.



This never really got any

This never really got any attention, so hope it's ok if I bump it once.