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Could Rand Paul Propose a "National Referendum" to Allow The People to Vote Directly on This Issue?

Would it be possible for Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Mike Lee or any of the other Congressional patriots to propose a National Referendum to allow the American public to vote on this issue directly? Iceland did this when they were being threatened by the EU and World Bank to pay back the 10b dollars that the Banksters stole from them, and they overwhelmingly won the day!

This would certainly send Washington a very stern message from the people...which is something that is long overdue! Even if it ended up being purely symbolic, it would be a huge step forward for getting the power back in the hands of the People.

Is this possible? Senator Paul...are you listening?

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Constitutionally, I believe it would start in the House

so theoretically, Justin Amash could get the ball rolling.

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"National Referendum to allow

"National Referendum to allow the American public to vote on this issue directly?"

I think this idea should be adopted by all nations, in all subjects, the true involvement of the people in the things that happen in their lives

I suspect there will be conflict amongst nations, no change there, but i also suspect that through conflict in a system with direct involvement, a better understanding from the people, better historical accuracy, in keeping record of this interaction, accesible not censored, to learn and understand, and the knowledge to know, not in groups, but individually, assumptions made in our own heads and not influenced by an outside narrative, that it is in everyones best interest to not do things in a way that will just keep the cycle continuing

Amen to that!


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