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General Betray Us, I mean Petraeus, Calls on Congress to Back White House on Syria

Retired Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, former CIA director under President Barack Obama, called strongly Saturday for Congress to back the White House on Syria, declaring that military action against the regime is “necessary” to deter “Iran, North Korea and other would-be aggressors.”

“Failure of Congress to approve the president’s request would have serious ramifications not just in the Mideast but around the world,” Petraeus said in a four-sentence statement provided to POLITICO.

Wow, just wow. This man continues to "serve" his nation in a rather disgusting way. Is this his path back to power?

The article suggests he will be able to win over reluctant GOP congressmen to support this war. Sigh.

Why do we elevate men like Petraeus, when they clearly have displayed questionable character?

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