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Daily Paul Is A Special Place. It is the HOME of the Ron Paul Revolution on the internet.

This site has been a focal point of many that are now doing the same thing elsewhere. Not to beat it, but to help it.

Alternative media driven by understanding of freedom is like the reformation. Yeah, I know that wasn't taught about that in school. And I'm pissed that my government school didn't tell me about how intelligent and NORMAL people were back then.

But, I knew this thing was going corrupt in the 80's and went sailing.

Of course my boat loan was paid off before I left. I made my may through collage by running a hay hauling business. (Business, I bought a truck and had friends that Showed Up and We all got paid) Value for Value. So I worked 7 days a week unless it was raining for three months to earn EHOUGH MONEY TO GO TO SCHOOL for NINE. And I Had a LOT OF FUN!

Hard Work and Ingenuity still exists, but the GOVERMENT IS COMMUNIST.

But let me tell you. I NEVER got a Vibe that told me not to listen to what somebody had to say. If I had, I wouldn't know 10% of what I know today.

It's the difference between respecting freedom and being responsible for yourself and todays Communists making decisions about their Vibes and ignoring reality.

It's the choice we all make.

The system has become corrupt so bad, its time to save yourselves and your neighbors.