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Recent Petition on whitehouse.gov; Immediately cease and desist instigating world war III

I don't sign petitions but I came across this one created a couple weeks ago and kind of liked how it was worded. Almost 100k have signed it.

we petition the obama administration to:

Immediately cease and desist instigating world war III

It is obvious what has been happening in Syria is an attempt to instigate a world war with Iran, China and Russia. The US has been funding rebels and giving them weapons and has stated that the use of chemical weapons is a red line that will cause the escalation that will lead to WWIII. What they aren't saying is that they have given the chemical weapons to the rebels to use and are blaming the government of Syria. Neither have they talked about the buildup of troops and equipment in Jordan and increasing naval activity in the area. The elite who are pulling the strings want a rothchild central bank established in Iran and control of their oil fields. The people will not tolerate a senseless war and the killing of untold millions to allow the elites to tighten their grip on the globe.


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I love how so many people are figuring out its all about

criminal private central banking!