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Chemtrails Hate Michigan Today

SOURCE: http://dprogram.net/2013/09/08/chemtrails-hate-michigan-today/

Okay, so the Internet is buzzing…What on God’s green earth is happening over Michigan today?

It went from sweltering hot weather, rapidly turning into autumnal temps in the mid 50s. And although we are all used to those white fuzzy chainlinks across the sky – this particular day has got people taking pictures and asking “What’s going on??”

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Washtenaw County is overcast

unless its a giant chemical cloud

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I'm in SE Iowa and we've had a welcome break

lately, for a month or so. Should probably start keeping a diary on it with photo documentation.

Tue 9/3 drove through the Superior/West Duluth Wisconsin area and they were getting hammered so bad I took a few pictures. Out of that area the skies were clear the rest of the way home, or natural clouds.

Livingston County skies were polluted also.

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