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Justin Amash on Face the Nation 9/8/13

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I'm truly disgusted by Black

I'm truly disgusted by Black congressmen like Cummings and "the venerable" John Lewis. They want to wear the mantle of Dr. King, but rarely speak out against the violence of American foreign policy. John Lewis is my congressman. Please call his office and tell him how disappointed you are that he has failed to follow in King's footsteps.

Cummings is a pure political player

nothing more.

Amash is a statesman in the making. May God protect and prosper him in all that he does.

Constitution Day Money Bomb for Justin Amash

September 17 is Constitution Day. If you are a defender of the Constitution consider sharing this and donating: money bomb for Justin Amash. We want this message spread across all 50 states ASAP. Target is 75k. That is what an average GOP Congressman gets from the GOP every three months. What do you think Justin receives from GOP? Donate on September 17 at http://amashforcongress.com/ Let's show everyone that the grassroots, not only in West Michigan, but across the country have Justin's back!


If you go to @drronpaul on instagram, I am posting 1 amendment a day until September 17th. I you want me to, I can post something about this and get the ball rolling if someone is serious about it. I've got a couple hundred followers and growing.


It is a serious effort started by some grassroots folks in West Michigan. I am honestly not sure if his official site will be putting up a webpage, ticker, thermometer, etc for the 17th, but I know a lot of people will be donating and we are hoping to spread the word. Hopefully you'll be seeing/hearing more about it in the coming days as word spreads.

Not targeting you "IMissLiberty", just the thought....

Sorry to say, but I completely disagree. There would be no civil war. Modern day Americans do not have it in them. Our country is disintegrating beneath us, and what are people doing? Only a small percentage of the masses are even aware. And most of them are only talking about it in internet chat rooms, commenting on news sites, and getting into heated debates around the water cooler. Then there are those that believe they are more on top of things than the average, pushing hard for voting someone else into an office somewhere. Wishfully thinking it is going to make a difference against the real powers controlling things, and willfully ignorant of the farce the system has become.

The great melting pot is not producing the alloys of the past. We, as a nation, are no longer binding together, and we will crumble. We have become too selfish, complacent, apathetic, and soft. We are too busy entertaining ourselves, and being offended by the simplest slights to ever come together, focus on the real problems, and correct our course. We are not the same people that ushered in the American revolution, nor are we the same people who stood for a belief and fought the so called Civil War.

Again, sorry to say, but Idiocracy is upon us!

(Sorry, just noticed this comment ended up in the wrong place. Meant for it to be in reply to "IMissLiberty" thought on "WE would be in a civil war")

Justin Amash

"We're at our strongest when the representatives of the People actually represent the People. And I think it sends a message to the rest of the world that we follow the rule of law."

Wow this guy is sharp!

Justin Amash!!!

Think of how great and prosperous our Country would be if our Congress had his mindset!
He "MUST" be the benchmark that we hold the others too!

Look at the impact when we all call these so called representatives of the people and pressure them!!!!


The whole discussion

has no reguard for human sufering caused by these actions.

No mention of the truth behind the push for genocide(war).


More and more...

He continues to impress.

What Our Actions Say: We are not a Dictatorship

Our taking time to discuss this issue and have Congress vote tells the world that we are not run by a dictator.

If the military were to follow this President into war against the decisison of the Congress, WE would be in a civil war.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The whole world would stop

despising Americans for the actions of our government and start despising our government for being the criminal syndicate that it is.

The whole face-saving question is WRONG!

Will the US look weak if we don't act as executioners of judgement against this alleged atrocity? Maybe among other authoritarian regimes, but not to all people of good will who hope the rule of law might still have sway here in America.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Mr. Amash is a true representative of the people.

Great interview and I have to say these two Representatives made it pointedly clear that there is little to no evidence for war.

Thanks for posting.

better quality ytube

link updated

thank you :)

"Representative Republic"

Way to go Justin Amash, INFORM the people of the FACTS!

If our nation, our Republic, had been directly threatened or attacked, we already would have been at war.

The obama/neocon administration can NOT make a solid case per the Constitution, thus we have NO business over there!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


People on iPhones and iPads can't view Flash video though, so I'll keep it as a YouTube link.

We have Justin Amash

On a Sunday morning talk show.

And he shined!!!

'We follow the rule of law.'

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Is that a coalition of Libertarians

and Liberals beating the establishment?

Don't be so quick to praise Elijah Cummings

He's insincere, deep in the Federal Reserve's pocket. Watch the Audit the Fed hearings, he was stonewaller-in-chief.

I'm not talking about

praising anyone. John Conyers was also no friend of Audit the Fed, yet there he was co-leading the Amash Amendment on NSA spying.

Bi-partisanship with no compromise, one of RPs most powerful ideas on coalitions, means even Elijah Cummings and John Conyers can be allies. This is one way the constitution can be restored with only a minority in Congress.

Amash owned that idiot bob

the democrat up there was not as distasteful as pelosi at least.