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Sen. Ted Cruz On 'This Week': I Don’t Think Obama ‘Has the Authority’ to Order Syria Strike (VIDEO)

Sen. Ted Cruz On 'This Week': I Don’t Think Obama ‘Has the Authority’ to Order Syria Strike (VIDEO)


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Ted Cruz is a fucking twit

LoL, yeah Ted, let's point missiles at Russian and arm Taiwan... over Syria! You stupid fucking moron. I'm not the biggest Rand Paul cheerleader out there but if Rand puts Cruz on his ticket, he's lost his mind. Ted Cruz is almost as big a psychopath as John McCain.

LoL, WWIII over a no vote in the Security Council. Jesus Christ man...

My God!

he sure does! He sounds like McCain in many respects!
He still wants to be in their business!
I'd review this man's intention.


He sounds like a war monger

He sounds like a war monger whose party isn't in power right now.

Cruz is a bit too "polished" and "evangelistic" for me!

There is something about him that I'm not sure about. He reminds me a little of Huckabee. Not in his views necessarily (although some may be close), but more in his delivery (although he is certainly more intelligent than Hack LOL). His initial responses in that interview almost seemed like he was speaking from a script. He really works hard at trying to convince those of us who are awake to accept him into the fold, however, my gut says that he is much too slick for my trust/comfort level.

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


What a wimpy statement.

I don't think.

I don't think?

Glad to downvote this.

Pandas is bad.

Tired of this....

Anyone else getting tired of our obsession with the middle east, and our constant need to meddle?

Let's see, we have to get a vote on this, if that doesn't work, re-establish anti-missile defense, sell F-16's, change aid to Iraq, blah, blah, blah.

And then we need to focus on the "grave threat of radical islam", which threat wouldn't exist if we minded our own business.

Let's make it simple. Deal only with direct threats to the U.S. Anything else, let those who supposedly care about the humanitarian problems, go ahead and volunteer to go fight for whoever you want. Hopefully that includes McCain, Kerry, etc.

Keep the U.S. government out of it, because that makes us all targets for retaliation.

Rand/Cruz 2016

Ted is doing amazing job. Some libertarians in here are really spoiled. They nit pick like they are 50 % the voters, the biggest election donors and have a thousand option to choose from. If Ted join McCain and beat the war drum, he would have been portrayed by the media as the next GOP messiah like Rubio and could raise millions of donation from people like Adelson but he chose not to do that. I'm grateful Ted Cruz is with us on 90% of the issue.

Rand/Cruz 2016

yeah, pointing missiles at

yeah, pointing missiles at Russia & China for not "condemning" Syria sounds like a TOTALLY sane thing to do. You sir, are an idiot if you like this douche bag.

How can anyone handle an

How can anyone handle an obvious hostile interview any better than that? Cruz can't be rattled.

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I don't trust Cruz any further

than I can throw him. He is not on our side. He is on his side!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

agreed. listen to the language

It's as if a full scale invasion was planned he'd get behind it. Regime change if you will.

Trust him for what?

He is impeccably consistent and obviously trustworthy of diligently acting on his principles, much like Ron Paul. Sure, my principles align far less with those of Cruz and far more with those of Paul, but I find much common ground with Cruz despite the comparisons. Cruz leaves little room for guesswork, and I find him to be a politician of relatively high integrity.

i disagree. He leaves to much room for speculation

The way he is speaking makes it sound like Obama's strike is not enough.

Ron Paul is arguing a strike of any kind is unjust. Comparing Cruz to RP is almost an Insult.

I concede that maybe he is speaking this way to try and get establishment sheep on board, but that strengthens my point that he is leaving to much room for speculation regarding his true motives.

He's a simple guy. WYSIWYG

He's commenting on the current resolution.

He'll defend non-intervention to the end. Lo and behold though, agree with him or not, sure, if it came to pass that we intervene militarily, you'd probably hear him support overwhelming force to take Assad out. Like him or not, but I think you can trust him to be direct.

"Anyone who knows me knows I have a real soft spot in my heart for the state of Texas.

So today, I'm very proud to endorse a fellow Texan – United States Senate candidate Ted Cruz!

But with time running out before the May 29 Republican Primary, I'm asking you to join me in supporting Ted by making a generous donation to his campaign.

I was very impressed with Ted when I got to see him in action at a Tea Party rally my son Rand and I spoke at in Texas this past weekend.

Ted is a true statesman and is exactly the kind of person my son Rand needs to help him fight for liberty in the U.S. Senate."

- Ron Paul, May 2012

i got that same C4L email

And that was long before Ted starting opening his mouth on TV. I have not heard any recent endorsements from the good Dr for Cruz....

I have not written him off. But I will remain sceptical.

I don't really trust him either....

he seems to believe that Assad is responsible for the chemical attacks, but from what I have read and heard, there is no evidence to prove that. It could just as well have been the rebels.

He's effective.

Cruz enters the conversation here exactly like Ron Paul enters the conversation regarding 9/11 and the war on terrorism. "So what if terrorists hijacked airplanes and flew them into targets on US soil. It still doesn't make sense for us to retaliate by bombing the world and building a massive apparatus to surveil our own citizens."

Others are effectively making the argument that we lack proof of Assad's guilt. He makes his particular point more effectively by bypassing that debate, starting with Obama's premise, and providing an alternative outcome.