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9/11 Truth National Ad Campaign Busts Out, Heads for NYC This Wednesday 9/11

Ignoring the Evidence Is No Longer An Option

Thousands of Americans dug deep in tough economic times out of sheer love of country, and helped 2000 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth meet its goal of raising $225,000 in order to finance a first round of billboards and international ads calling for a new investigation into 9/11.

The ad campaign is to be accompanied by a full schedule of events in New York, Washington DC, and other American cities, and a congressional education campaign. Ads are up in Boston, Washington, DC, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Sydney and London. The campaign poses the question, “Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?”

“The official story of what happened at Ground Zero simply cannot be true,” said Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Founder Richard Gage. “More than 2,000 professional architects and engineers, along with family members of victims and thousands of concerned citizens, believe a truly independent investigation is needed both as a matter of national security and as the key to justice for those lost on 9/11.” Gage is a San Francisco Bay Area architect and member of the American Institute of Architects.

There never was a better time to join the team at Rethink911.org, where you can sign up for newsletter/action alerts in your area, donate, and get involved in the congressional campaign.


Times Square Billboard


San Francisco Rapid Transit Car

An All-Day Tour Culminating with Times Square Rally:

Do not miss this historic day of events.

Richard Gage, AIA and the ReThink911 campaign are bringing the message straight to New York’s political leaders and national media outlets with an all-day tour culminating in a rally at ReThink911’s towering Times Square billboard at 5:20pm—exactly 12 years to the minute since Building 7 fell.

Join us on this whirlwind tour as we deliver AE911Truth petitions and ReThink911 VIP Packs, request on-the-spot interviews, and conduct our own interviews of the media establishment that continues to ignore the evidence. Then we complete this thrilling day of anniversary activities with a rally to include esteemed speakers Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, William Pepper, Bob McIlvaine, Frank Morales, Richard Gage, and other VIP speakers to be announced.

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8:00 AM: (A) Silent Vigil at Ground Zero
St. Paul’s Chapel along the black fences, Vesey and Church St. The full vigil lasts from 7am to 12pm. See GroundZero911.com if you wish to stay at Ground Zero for the afternoon to participate in street actions from 12 to 4, and the First Responder Remembrance Ceremony from 4 to 5.

9:00 AM: (B) City Hall
Deliver the AE911Truth Petition and VIP Pack to all 51 members of the New York City Council, and challenge them to open a local NYC Building 7 investigation. (250 Broadway)

10:30 AM: (C) Democracy Now!
Stop by and encourage Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez to stop ignoring the evidence and to interview the experts (the debate between the “Loose Change” filmmakers and the editors of Popular Mechanics in 2006 doesn’t cut it). 207 West 25th Street, 11th Floor.

11:30 AM: Lunch break
Eat food. Drink fluids.

1:00 PM: (D) New York Times Building
The last time the NY Times reported the existence of experts who question the official account of Building 7’s destruction was 2008. Five years is too long to ignore this important issue and still call yourself a reputable newspaper. Let’s make them interview the experts. 620 8th Avenue.

2:00 PM: (E) BBC and ABC Times Square Studios
“Good Morning America! Did you know a third tower fell on 9/11?” You might not because it’s rarely been reported since the time BBC announced it 23 minutes in advance. Let’s ask them why they report on unprecedented, unpredictable events before they happen – but not after. 1500 Broadway.

3:00 PM: (F) Fox News Headquarters
Geraldo Rivera covered Building 7, once. Judge Andrew Napolitano covered Building 7, once. Let’s light another fire under all of the FOX pundits. 1211 Avenue of the Americas, west wing of Rockefeller Center.

4:00 PM: (G) MSNBC and NBC at Rockefeller Center
Deliver the evidence to Rachel Maddow and ask why she likens 2,000 architects and engineers, calling for a new WTC investigation, to terrorists. 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

5:00 PM: (H) 5:20pm Times Square Rally: 9/11: Ignoring the Evidence Is No Longer An Option
End the day with our climactic gathering of featured speakers underneath the ReThink911 billboard: William Pepper, Bob McIlvaine, Frank Morales, Richard Gage-AIA, and other VIP speakers to be announced. 47th Street and 7th Avenue (like 47 stories gone in 7 seconds—that way you won’t forget the address!).

7:30 PM: Dinner and Drinks at a nearby hangout


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They (your betters) will hold the truth for many years.

Maybe in 2100 it will be reveled.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

Are there any kind of Greater NYC area Ron Paul list-serves

...facebooks, twitter feed? If so let me know I'll help post this info, we want a big turnout tomorrow in NYC!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

The NSA is evil as is nearly

The NSA is evil as is nearly everything the gov does. If I were in the NSA I would be promoting 9/11 truth, shouting it from the rooftops, and connecting it with Ron Paul and the Liberty movement.

Lucky for the NSA you idiots do their job for them, although I'm sure there are a few shills here laughing at how someone is telling you how the world actually works and you attack the messenger instead of actually being honest with yourselves.

This is about common sense and basic strategy. Do you just care about winning a battle or do you want to win the war? Judging by the downvotes, I say people here only care about their one pet issue and not the big picture and that's selfish and idiotic.

You can vote me down all you want, but that won't change the fact you're no better than any smug lib or con if you can't see how dumb this course of action is. Win the war first, then expose everything you want, but to pick something nearly impossible to get people to listen to or prove as your pet issue is just dumb.

But keep playing your mental checkers while the rest of us, RON PAUL INCLUDED, try to keep ourselves separated so we can actually win hearts and minds even though you make it harder because you're just too dumb to see the forest because of all the trees in the way.

Seriously, why the hell do you think Ron Paul doesn't talk about this stuff? Wake up fools.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed


You sound sooo sophisticated. Your argument is soo sound. Too bad a year and a half ago you wrote about the coming "Israeli False Flag."


Everyone has their own mission man. People are interested in liberty in different ways and if 9/11 gets them energized to educate themselves and gets them some experience in confronting others who oppose their point of view why are you talking crap? We are supposed to have fun with all this, don't take it so serious, one man isn't going to ruin the liberty movement and one man isn't going to make it happen either so just keep doing your thing and this guy above will keep doing his. BTW conspiracy theories kick a**, I thought you made great points in your article.

You just got PAULED!

This is about getting a new and fair investigation!

Regardless of whether one thinks this was an inside job or a false conspiracy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a more fair and transparent investigation. There is enough evidence to suggest that the version our officials tried to shove down our throats closely resembled Kabuki theater. The fact that a truly objective and transparent investigation like this was never really seriously conducted, simply added more doubt to the "official explanation" of the events and therefore, has rightly so, caused much of the mistrust, doubt and outright contempt for the Government's handling of this.

I hope we can all at least agree that a new investigation could be beneficial for resolving some of the questions that seem to linger on the subject.

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


And you can get a new and

And you can get a new and fair investigation all you want once we win this war! But to put effort into this when there are literally hundreds of better points of attack makes absolutely no sense. If it didn't hurt the movement, I wouldn't care, knock yourselves out. But the fact is you create and uphill battle for the rest of us who work so hard and tirelessly to promote the cause of liberty and freedom.

It's ironic because your name is "LearnRonPaul" yet you haven't learned anything from the man! There's a reason you don't hear Ron Paul talking about 9/11 Truth, Chemtrails, FEMA Camps, The Bohemian Grove, etc. Have you not noticed this?

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

LOL you are a ravid fool!

I was simply commenting on the string. I guess having an opinion on a subject that is totally unacceptable to you is taboo unless it is, of course, yours, relating to one of YOUR subjects of importance! You are apparently here to agitate and attack anyone with a differing view than yours. Therefore, just so you and I will be on the same page, please provide me with your list of YOUR most important topics so I can comment on them in a more favorable way for you. I will then know which are more relevant to you so I can avoid your silly confrontations. This way, I won't set you off next time for having a different view on things than you.

All I can say is that it is a good thing for me that your "thought police" mentality was here to prevent me from being free to think for myself! Thank you officer!

Oh...and for the record, this is the first comment I have ever made about anything relating to 911 here or anywhere else for that matter. Additionally, my comment didn't even take a side...it was a simple suggestion meant to bring some common ground to two sides who seem opposed to each other on this. Now, let me please suggest something to you...you should get up from you computer now, leave the basement, go to the bathroom and take a chill pill, then, for crying out loud, step outside the house and into the real world for a while...you're reclusiveness is starting to freak out the neighbors!

Good grief weirdo...lighten up!

PS - even fascists can read!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


What's chemtrails got to do with 9/11?

...for everyone else, spread the word! It's NYC this Wed. 9/11 or bust!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Ron Paul has said he would like to see an independent

investigation when asked. As more people become aware of building 7 and the campaign for an independent investigation, the sooner we can get to the truth. With so many Americans against the president and his regime wanting to go into Syria, it appears the public is finally waking up to the their propaganda, and slowly but surely finding out that they can no longer be trusted.


Thanks for making those of us

Thanks for making those of us working truly hard to advance the cause of liberty look crazy! With hundreds of things you can talk about where you can point to irrefutable evidence such as the evils of fiat money and fractional reserve banking, instead you choose something that 95% of people are just going to roll their eyes at. I'm not saying you're wrong, just that your strategy and where you are placing your time and effort makes no sense. The 9/11 Truth movement is fraught with disinformation agents for this very reason because they know it hurts the liberty movement overall.

Come on people, stop the chemtrail, 9/11, Bohemian Grotto nonsense or else your just as guilty of self-righteous smugness as the worst liberal or neocon.

But I doubt I'll be able to get through to the Rusty Shackelfords here. There's a reason Ron Paul doesn't talk about these things. Thanks a lot guys.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

You don't have to believe in all conspiracies.

Heck, the few that I have taken the time to look at are flimsy at best. I'm skeptical of many of those.

But 9/11 has got to be re-investigated. There is plenty of evidence. The one thing that stuck to me most is WTC7, which was never really explained in the official reports (heck, one of the early official documentaries never even mentioned it). I was 10 when I saw it collapse on TV.

And I'm glad I remembered WTC7, because everything unravels from there.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

LOL when is your shift over at NSA?

...when you get out let's go for a beer and you can just act normal.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

You should be ashamed of

You should be ashamed of yourself. Grow up and face reality. 9/11 Truth deniers make me ill.

Do you even possess basic

Do you even possess basic reading comprehension? Where did I deny anything? Hint, I DIDN'T. I'm talking about the reality of winning this war and with literally 100 topics you can talk about that won't make people instantly tune out, to choose one that will make them tune out is moronic.

Again, this is also Ron Paul's strategy so why don't you follow his lead instead of making it harder for the rest of us? You're just selfish fools at best, and at worst your actively working against the movement. There is no choice C here.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

Ron Paul

Ron Paul has his own set of goals, your goals are separate, I don't think you really are sincere in what you are saying, I think you are just trying to sound smart. If RP says he believes in 9/11 he would be destroyed by the media, if I say I believe in 9/11 nobody gives a crap and maybe I might wake some people up. Which trust me I have woken up many people by talking about 9/11 to them. You just need to take a chill pill dude.

You just got PAULED!

You want people here to shut

You want people here to shut up about THE single most important event in world history since WW2? If 9/11 Truth is allowed to be told, it will bring this disgusting empire down. You don't want that? Till people know the truth, the Empire will not die.

There are so many comments

There are so many comments against conspiracy theories on here - yet so many in history have been proven true. Great effort by 911 engineers and architects - R, Gage a hero.

This is some really great

This is some really great effort on keeping truth alive.


Bump bump bump bump and so on