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Mexican Village Ignored by Telecoms Creates Own Cellular Network

Mexican village ignored by Telecoms creates own Cellular Network

BY: Derrick Broze at The Liberty Beat

The Mexican village of Villa Talea de Castro has developed it’s own mobile network with full international connections. The village has an indigenous population of around 2,500 people in a forest in the state of Oaxaca and has been ignored by major telecom companies for lack of profit. In response, a coalition of indigenous groups, civil organizations and universities installed an antenna with radio and computer equipment to launch the Red Celular de Talea (RCT).

The local, independent network is reported to be 13 times cheaper than the competitors. The Non-profit Rhizmotica helped with the project, stating that opening the market will increase the development for community-based projects. The village was granted a two year permit to test the equipment. The system is capable of making international calls via a voice over Internet protocol (VconoIP). When a traveler enters the village with a cellphone the receive a text message welcoming them to the network and encouraging them to go to the radio for information. The system, however, only allows for five minute phone calls.

Original source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08-27/rest-...

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Nice Work!

I give it 6 months before a gang in government suits shuts them down on behalf of some state-connected monopoly for cutting in on their action.

I remain hopeful, however!

I've always wanted to do this...

...in poor and rural areas around South Texas.

Imagine if you offered a free/cheap services, perhaps free for slow speeds a few bucks a month for higher speeds. You could force free users to a landing page where they had to watch a short liberty themed informative video on current events before they preceded to surf the net for free.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!