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Here's the best News you can find on Reddit

A new feature on the site Reddit is multi-reddits. This allows a "curation of content", basically a collection of essential reddits (information threads) that will allow you to get a wider range of information, articles and stories.

In this case I have created a mutlireddit for news. This takes from the most popular reddits that will give you a full range of news coverage around the world.

This will keep you informed.


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Update, the link is fixed.

Update, the link is fixed. Enjoy the news!

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I used to really like Digg a few years back

but that site got corrupted or something.

Thanks for posting.

Thank you

I have been trying to branch out on the net some. I bookmarked the page.

Thanks for sharing.

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Here is one for Lifehacking,

Here is one for Lifehacking,


Here is one for science and anything about the future,