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Libertarian Vs. Authoritarian: The Real History Of The Left/Right Paradigm

'One aspect of modern American politics that renders it so impenetrable to many people are the myriad labels assigned to different systems of beliefs. Even more confusing is the insistence of Our Great Informers to split every issue into Left versus Right, or Liberal versus Conservative. Republicans are supposed to support militarism and economic freedom, but don't extend that freedom to many social issues such as drugs, sex, etc. Democrats are supposed to be opposed to war and support social freedoms, but don't extend that freedom to economic issues. But with libertarians like Ron Paul becoming more and more popular, many people are beginning to wonder where they fit in the Left/Right paradigm, because libertarians supposedly have qualities of both the Left and Right.

We're told that the extreme of the Left is Communism, such as what we saw in the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, etc. We're told the extreme of the Right, diametrically opposed to Communism, is Fascism; as in Fascist Italy, Spain, and Nazi Germany.

We're told that liberals, Democrats, progressives, communists, social liberals, greens, social democrats, socialists, democratic socialists, 'civil-libertarians,' and anarchists are all members of the 'Left.' Meanwhile, Republicans, conservatives, neoconservatives, capitalists, 'economic-libertarians,' social authoritarians, monarchists, theocrats, nationalists, and fascists are all members of the 'Right.'"

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Have you ever noticed that extremely authoritarian parents often produce children determined to go to the other extreme? ("I'll never restrict the freedom of my children that way!")

And they go too far with leniency, and their children grow up and pledge not to let their children do all the horrifyingly dangerous stuff they got away with, or vow to set limits and be more involved as they wished their own parents had been; back to authoritarian, again.

Being a libertarian parent is hard to do, because it starts one way and ends another: clearly one must be an authoritarian parent to infants--ruling their lives in every way, but by the time they're 18, they have to have practiced taking responsibility for themselves.

Children are still growing and developing physiologically and socially, and need some guidance, but adults who behave as adults don't deserve to be treated lixe children: that's called slavery.

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I can definitely see this

I can definitely see this trend. Some people I know have stricter parents, and when they're away from them they're spontaneous and tend to fly by the seat of their pants.

My own dad had a VERY strict father (he was a pretty miserable guy from what I'm told), so much so that he and my dad never got along, even on his deathbed. My dad's approach to parenting became giving me the tools and advice to figure things out for myself. My parents never really tried to place rules over me, but they did spend a lot of time with me and they always stressed the Golden Rule. It turned out that most of the time I didn't even need rules since outbursts from me (until I was a teenager) were rare because I didn't want to disappoint my parents.

Looking back on it, I really respect my parent's approach and I wouldn't have a problem using it if I had children, but at the same time I can see were some rigidity could have benefited me, such as in building a better work ethic, for example. I was a procrastinator with my schoolwork for as long as I can remember, so maybe forcing me to stick to a schedule instead of letting me do my homework whenever (once again, it always got done, it was just always at the last minute) would have helped, but parenting is definitely a balancing act so who knows how it could've been different.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


I saw a chart that had

I saw a chart that had anarchism (zero govt) as the end point on the right and totalitarianism (100% govt) as the end point on the left.

Like a gas gage in a car you have a full tank of govt on the left, and no govt on the right. This way you can demonstrate the levels of freedom by placing various systems on the chart in relation to their amount of freedom.

G Edward Griffin asserts that there are really only two types of people, collectivists (statists) and individualists (people who don't need a govt to take care of them).

Check out Freedomforce


Is this the explanation you are referring to?

"A Republic, Ma'am, if you can keep it."


I'd definitely agree with

I'd definitely agree with Griffin on that point. All political ideologies basically boil down to individualism or collectivism.

I heard of Freedom Force International after I finished the Creature of the Jekyll Island a few weeks ago. Thanks, I'm reading it now.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.