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Video: Juan Williams favors bombing Syria

Juan Williams favours bombing Syria


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For sale

blah blah blah sold blah blah blah for sale blah blah blah I am someone's bitch now blah blah blah blah...

ummm...They got to him,

Sad. I disagree with 90& of Juan's liberal agenda but I always thought he did have a soul. Clearly, he has sold his soul for some big $$$$$$$$$$ in the corporate propaganda ministry.

And if it were my choice, I would favor sending Juan to Syria when the bombing starts so that he can cover it for us as it's goin down.

He must be in the pay of

the bad guys now. Money talks.


This is a disappointment coming from Juan Williams; however, I will say that it is no major surprise. Working at Fox News, one must certainly have a thick veil regarding the truth. I'm sure all employees receive proper indoctrination daily.

As a side point to the 3 instances of chemical weapons use (i.e. Hitler, Saddam, and now 'apparently' Assad), do the two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan cities count for anything? Where is the line for killing and who is drawing it? Would one prefer to be vaporized over being fumigated? Seems similar to being appalled that someone was stabbed instead of beaten to death with a baseball bat ... or vice versa.

He must have stock in one or

He must have stock in one or more of these companies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_modern_armament_manufac...

You Know What's AMAZING?

What is amazing to me is how different THEY, Fix News contributer,(Juan Williams) talk when they're NOT on TV reading prepared writings provided to them by the pentagon..

Thanks for posting this vid...REVEALING, No?


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Thank you.

Thank you.

Jan Helfeld

Jan, It's amazing how stupid...

you can make these people look simply by following up with a clarification...one in which even they can recognize their own folly.

Williams, always (and irritatingly so) self-fancied as a worthy academic mind, looked absolutely idiotic...even addled.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

This is getting lame

1) chemical weapons - bad
2) Hitler, Sadam - bad
3) Assad is responsible and we must send a message - good.

Wait, how exactly did we get to step 3 again?

Oh, and when we bomb, are we allowed to kill up to, but not over the 1,429 people killed by chemical weapons? What about our method of killing them... Can we burn them alive with napalm? That would certainly send a message.

I disagree with Juan, but I do give him credit for answering the questions.



The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

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Bump for Jan

Thank you Jan!

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More Syria bombing video interviews to come.

More Syria bombing video to come.

Jan Helfeld

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Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support and venue.

Jan Helfeld

Jan I love you man. I have a

Jan I love you man. I have a suggestion. You can get a little further with people if you just slow the questions down. After each answer, pause for a bit and pretend to empathize with their viewpoint; then hit them with another question. Sometimes people feel like they are being a bit bumrushed and that makes them uncomfortable. I love it, but I think you would get longer interviews if you tried it my way sometime.

Keep it up though! I don't know how you get into all of these situations, but it must be a fun life hunting all these people down every day. It sure is fun for us to watch!

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Thank you for your support and interest in my work

Thank you for your support and interest in my work.

Jan Helfeld

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bombing Syria???

bombing Syria???

Jan Helfeld

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Watch the Socratic technique collapse his argument

Watch the Socratic technique collapse his argument.

Jan Helfeld

I thought

I thought Juan Williams made a good argument.. and I think it shows why worldly Americans have a hard time with the constitution, because it stops them from giving the message that chemical weapons are immoral and not tolerated.

I think your poist is that not only can we tolerate them, we can tolerate them being used by anyone at any time for any reason.

so the constitution is what's

so the constitution is what's stopping us from solving all the world's problems? interesting theory. so who do we attack for using DU ammo in Iraq? interesting that Juan left vietnam out of his '3 times in history' BS statement.

I think

It's our not following the constitution that has gotten US is trouble, conflicting, hypocritical.. since the UN, we have been rapidly losing our constitution to precident, and that's dangerous.. how we find ourselves in these wars for commodities globally..

Chemical weapons are not as hard to come by as DU.. Chemical weapons are cheap, and work very well, so they are illegal on an international scale.. so when you have a leader using chemical weapons against his own people.. and no one does anything.. it set a precident.. Chemical weapons on your own people is OK.

That's where we are at. It's OK for Assad, and it can be OK for anyone.. all they have to say is "Assad did it".

Let's never forget the UN Agenda wants a population reduction to sustain 500 million total global human population.. I see chemical weapons being used by many leaders to thin their populations because no one is going to stop them.

You are unbelievable

Reading your comments makes me sick. I really must say I have no idea why you are even here except to cause people grief. I wish Jan Helfeld would use the socratic technique on your psychotic mind. You would be in tears within 10 minutes.

I wish he would too

Here's his opportunity, eh?

I have no idea why people who call themselves Libertarian bother questing what someone else does when they are not bothering that person personally, as individuals do what they want, and encourage you to do what you want.

Why blame me for making yourself sick if you don't appreciate my comments? Hopefully you'll man up soon and take responsibility for your own well being.

I wish Jan would use the socratic approach too.. or is that what I just did to him?

No Shiza...

She's turned into a complete freakin' wack job...unreal. It's as if a completely different person emerged from the 2008 election cycle. I think she swallowed way too much semite during private behind the curtain get togethers with all of the attending Putz's and Schmucks.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I am a completely different person

I saw that Israel has the answers, and since I seek solutions, it has been a tremendous gift.. and some here KNOW exactly what I'm talking about, "Don't throw pearls before swine".. the pigs whack and trample Israel because they are unable to advance and rather wallow in the misery of their self imposed doom and collapse.