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"Ghetto Tracker" App Creator Turns Down CNN, MSNBC, etc to Interview w/Ben Swann First

David Foster (a Blue Republican and a friend of mine) doesn't trust the MSM and passed up CNN, MSNBC and dozens of TV affiliates to interview with Ben Swann first.

David calls out the MSM for trying to create a race war.


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Love this site.

Love it!

This is a bad idea

The race & poverty pimps are going to have a tool to identify the best places to go stir-up race riots. A quantum leap for the grievance industry.


The only really surprising thing is that any media is covering this, including Ben Swann... seems like a non-issue. Getting any kind of coverage for a new app is a huge benefit, as it is free advertising... there are so many apps out there now, it would be very easy for this app to just disappear into oblivion.

Surprising Ben Swann would even want to cover this... doesn't seem very important.

Getting Attacked

It seems the only place we are really getting attacked outside of the media for our website is on Twitter. If anyone would like to come help us out, Ron Paul style...we are @GhettoTracker. Would really appreciate the support.

The LibertyAvenger


Yet another word

has had its definition "redefined" for us. Calling a place a ghetto is racist and classist now, because obviously only certain races live in ghettos, and any one wanting to avoid areas with high crime must hate poor people. Give me a f'n break.

This is an incredible event!

It shows the power of individual and the free market, as well as the propaganda hold of the media being broken.

10 years ago, political correctness (propaganda) would have forced this to change, or would have used it as a wedge to divide and incite hate.

They DIDN'T elect to self censor the honest truth.

They DIDN'T try to change the MSM, but instead gave Swann the respect he deserves, and let the MSM spew their propaganda venom.

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People need to get over themselves.

Yes, if your feelings are hurt because you're poor and miserable you wouldn't like someone pointing out what a crappy area you live in. But people who would like to avoid being mugged have a right to avoid your craphole neighborhood. We didn't create your poverty.

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If they knew who to blame for their poverty

(government interference) that would give them a constructive direction to vent their anger so they wouldn't get worked up about websites.