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Just trying to help out a great leader and patriot

Just trying to help out a great leader and patriot


Hi, folks. The DailyPaul community is known for their generosity for causes that they deem worthy, and I have never posted one here before in the six years I've been here, but since I know for a fact that this is a good one and want to help this guy out and am going to send him my own money I thought I would reach out to see if anybody here would like to do the same. Mike Benoit has, here in San Diego, been one of the shining beacons of liberty in the 10 years or so that I've known him. He has been working all that time tirelessly in the cause of liberty. In both Ron Paul campaigns he used his real estate office as a base of operations for organizing meetups. I've spent numerous weekends in his parking lot with a bunch of other Paulites creating signs to hang on overpasses during the two campaigns. He perennially runs for Congress himself in spite of his realization that no Libertarian is likely to get elected. He is never out of the fight for liberty. He authored a book: "Tyranny Busters (The Sham and Shame of the Federal Income Tax): and has been on a personal crusade to deliver at his own expense, or whoever wishes to contribute, copies of Federick Bastiat's The Law. If you haven't read that book, it's amazing, but I imagine most of you here have heard of it.

Now Mike finds himself in a peck of trouble and I received a letter from him yesterday that I will reproduce here in its entirety for your edification:

Michael Benoit
8781 CuyamacaSt. Ste. D
Santee, Ca. 92071


Dear Mr. (deleted my name for the internet), Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to explain. I hope you remember me. I am the person who mailed you a copy of The Law by Frederic Bastiat and my book Tyranny Busters. The Sham and Shame of the Federal Income Tax. People say that all we have to do is start following the Constitution and everything will be alright. I say wrong! The socialists think they are following the Constitution. No, the blue print for a just society is The Law by Bastiat. He demonstrates that the 8th and 10th commandments can't be gotten around by simply writing laws that violate them. We are not prohibited from stealing except when we pass laws to take that which is not ours to take.
• So far I have mailed out 5,500 copies. Ten percent of the people that received the books sent me ten dollars or more to help cover expenses. I still have $2,500 dollars to send more books out, because some recipients sent more and, because of the generosity of a few.
• Of the people who replied, the response was overwhelmingly positive. However, 90 percent of the top Ron Paul supporters do not appreciate the value of "The Law" or they would have gladly sent me a few dollars to help the project.

Socialism is rooted in theft, fascism worse. The government interfering into the jurisdiction of the individual or the family is rooted in plunder, as well. We were endowed with free will and violating that endowment is plunder.

Since I wrote you last, agents of the Federal Government have stolen my home (without the right of trial by jury.) I plan to sue under a Bivens Action and under IRC 7433 and more, where appropiate. There is no question that due process was denied in my case. I will be doing a video shortly to cover those points. Oh and my home inspection business is dead. The IRS, even though they have my home that is valued 100,000 dollars more than the $148,000 they claim I owe, is levying my social security check.

I need benefactors to help me pay to keep my office open, to battle tyranny, $1,000 per month will pay the office expenses. Funds are also needed to help me get The Law distributed further and I will be needing some funds to hire attorneys to help me with my briefs, motions and research. The replies I will appreciate the most will be from those who will be sending (who have not yet sent) ten dollars or more thanking me for The Law. You can google PBJ Freedom Fellowship, Mike Benoit for Congress, Tyranny Busters and Mike Benoit youtubes to see what else I am doing.

I'm hoping that that are a few folks here who will rally to Mike's cause. There is no lonelier feeling, I can imagine, that what he's going through right now. Thanks for reading this post, folks

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