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Justin Raimondo: Can This War Be Stopped?

by Justin Raimondo, September 09, 2013

The world holds its collective breath as the President of the United States calls for military action in Syria, Congress debates the question, and the war-sickened American public asks: What’s next?

I’ll tell you what’s next.

1) The President dominates the airwaves with two days of interviews culminating in another Obama peroration in which Hitler, YouTube videos of dubious provenance, and "the children" all figure prominently.

2) The Senate votes shortly after the Presidential Peroration, perhaps as early as Wednesday: nearly two-thirds "yes," one-third "no." The House vote is delayed by Speaker Boehner in return for some minor concession on domestic policy (duly forgotten down the line).

3) Bombs rain down on Syria – many more than anyone imagined. After three days, the President announces Bashar al-Assad’s military has been sufficiently "degraded," at least for the moment. The House votes after the smoke clears: nobody notices.


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Watch the Socratic technique collapse Juan Wiliams argument

Watch the Socratic technique collapse Juan Williams argument for bombing.

Jan Helfeld

big bump!

Thanks for the great read. Sums things up nicely.


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Thanks so much brother

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