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People HQ has requested 5 MIllion MORE, so a target to reach 8.4 (we're at 3.4 + 5 mill = 8.4). New widget as well go take a look. I hope the campaign sent an e-mail as well, cuz usually there's is a spike in donations.

Some think we need to just reach 5 million, read the graphics!!!! IT 5 million MORE with the target of reaching 8.4 MILLION.

We MUST fulfill this request, we got all hyped up for making a record, but now we must get hyped for saving our liberties, they are MUCH MUCH more important.

Reach this target BEFORE Feb 5th. Please!

Me MUST do THIS! Spread the Word!!!

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Front page

I can no longer get onto the front page, but I agree - this $5M Gold drive needs to be spread to all the networking sites.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Electricity in the air


All Great Causes, All on February 1st. Looks like a Perfect Money Storm is brewing.


Someone pin this to the top.

Great Concept...

I think the layout of the Gold Bar challenge and the picture is awesome!!!

To all you guys at the Ron Paul Headquarters... thank you for posting this challenge on the main website to re-focus all supporters to donate to this effort.

Everyone, as God has blessed you... please bless Ron Paul. Give as much as you can-- or even better MAX Out!

My drunken letter to the Paul campaign:

goes something like this:

"Please, please get rid of the "Thumbs up Paul" image on the home page. It looks like a midnight commercial forr title loans or used cars. If I were a neophyte to he campaign, I'd be rally turned off. Please take it off.
In the words of a great but dead hero, "consider my plea."

the truth comes out...

when you're liquored up. It's not that bad of a pic. At least its not this one


Stop it...

Stop with the negativity.



"We can be free and alive" - RP

"We can be free and alive" - RP

Ron and Carol's 51st Anniversary would be perfect

Listen People,
If we give 5 million on February 1st, which is Ron and Carol's 51st Wedding Anniversary, the positive media coverage would be an enormous boost to the campaign. It would show that we and Ron and his family are all about family values.

check out the video and associated website



too late...

give now

5 at 5 for 5

5 o'clock bomb each day to reach $5 mil, by the 5th!

Wouldn't this be a good weekend to get numbers from County Coordinators of all the previous donors in each of our precincts asking them to donate again and remember to Vote Feb. 5th! Coordinators have these lists from the official campaign by now.

We cannot let Paul down! As long as he's in, we're in!


Please have a BETTER picture of Dr. Paul*

Can This New Gold $8.4 Million "Ticker" Request...

be put on the top of the main page of the Daily Paul for all to see? This will also help encourage everyone to give...at the request of Headquarters.

Ron Paul for President 2008 !!!


The Gold $8.4 million ticker is on the main page... and I think the picture is perfect.


don't wait.

We Need A Super Monday Money BOMB !!

Let's do one in honor of the Patriots that fought back the British during the war of independence. Our media expert Paulites could put together something awesome and think about it, we could make history right before the Super Tuesday election. We could make it a Super Sunday even... something, but this must go viral and fast. We cannot afford to lose momentum here, the establishment is on the ropes and we are hesitating...let's deliver the final blow.

Make the theme freedom and the men and women who have fought and died for it.

I can think of nothing more profound than making the day before super Tuesday a day for us to raise more money and get more press coverage than any candidate in history!

I can see a video using the first money bomb video, the second and the third with a grand finale. I know our team of magicians can pull this off with their eyes closed.


It's on baby, IT IS ON

Looks like I need to tap my network once again. Let the letter writing begin! Let's do this people! Send this vid to all your friends and fam with a donation request:



is easily doable by Feb. 5th. I just donated and will do so again before the deadline.

I am down for a couple hundred on the 1st...

I did not donate on MLK Day...worst time of the month for me to give any cash. Oh well...more to give in February. ;)

"It does not take a majority to prevail. But rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~Samuel Adams while plotting the Boston Tea Party.



good spirit. everything, and anytime counts!

"We can be free and alive" - RP

"We can be free and alive" - RP





bump this


massive email...

Does anyone know if it is possible to send out a mass email bomb to all of the registered Ron Paul meetup users???

I have not received any email from the national campaign regarding this... I wonder if they're just hoping everyone will see the main page and focus their attention of this GOLD Bar request.

We must disseminate HQ's request for this additional $5 MILLION.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally maxed out! It took months and months and giving up drinking the good stuff, quit smoking, cut down to the low grade gas, quit buying sides and a drink at lunch and going with water on top of many other ways of saving dollars here and there, but I finally maxed out. GO DR. PAUL!

I just put in my final donation just a few minutes ago. Feels good.

On the bad side....

I do realize that I get to start the whole process over for the "General Election Cycle," but in the mean time, I have a couple weeks to relax.

You are

a real patriot:)


It really feels good.
Let's get this man elected!

Do all we can.....

and THEN some!