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My doctor ordered an HIV test for me.

I went to have my blood taken last week for my yearly checkup. They Usually take 2 vials for testing. This time they took 5 vials. After they did this I question why so many vials this time at the clinic. I ask what else they were testing for. They told me for Hep C and HIV. I been married many years I been with this doctor for 14 years. I have been tested for HIV and Hep C when I had surgery several years ago. Today I went for my annual physical. After going through my blood fats, liver, urine and PSA results. I question him about the other tests on HIV and HEP C that he didn't talk about. He then told me the government wants to check everyone. They were negative.

Let's see why do I have to pay for blood test that I have done before because the government wants to... This doctor just lost a patient. Do not hold facts and tests from me before asking. I am on a fix income. Has anyone's doctor done this to you?

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Every time you get blood drawn,

always check the paperwork before the draw to see what you are signed up for. If you disagree, cross out the parts you don't want(from off of the lab order). They can't make you pay for what you don't want. Back in the early 90's my dentist said that I had to have the ex-rays done because the government said she had to do it. I had to say NO several times before she backed off.

Stay away from MDs. They'll

Stay away from MDs. They'll kill you.

There's a tag team effort by big Pharma and big AG

to shove sugar and fat down our thoats. Big AG is getting rich selling their high sugar and fat diet which makes us all sick. We need big Pharma to give us a patch to fix the symtom, they can never cure. Also GMO's are killing us all, and could be the cause of your diabetes. The EPA allows it in our food as high as 40 ppm but they say if your water is mor than .7 ppm it could cause kidney failure. Here is a study linking glyphosate to diabetes: http://sustainablepulse.com/2013/04/18/new-study-links-round...

If you want to get well first fix your gut flora, which is most likely over run with candida. Start take probiotics or do what I do make your own sauerkraut and eat it raw.

Look into the ketogenic diet, for purging the sugar out of your diet. This diet can cure diabetes. The big AG comanies know full well if they can keep sugar in your diet, you will crave it. They make lots of money having us all as sugar slaves. Checkout Stephanie Persons on youtube:

Diatomaceous earth is something that will help purge all the nasties out of your gut and blood stream. It will also start the repair process of fixing blood vessels and cartlage. It is mainly silica which we all are missing in our diet, if you don't have it you can't use calcium or magnesium. In fact without silica too much calcium will deposit in your joints.

Lastly checkout coffee enema for fixing your liver.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

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Private insurers want a reason to bump you into Obamacare.

The insurance companies are trolling for preexisting conditions in order to remove patients from their rolls and onto the ACA. If you got stuck with the bill for this blood work, refuse to pay it. The physician should eat the charges, not you. You are not in a high risk category for contracting either condition. People who are high risk get the free testing. You did not agree to have these tests performed. Once Obamacare was made mandatory, many other dominoes were also setup.
"Some ACA provisions have already gone into effect, including free preventive services (including routine HIV testing and HCV screening), Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIPs), and a provision allowing young people to remain covered by their parents' insurance up to age 26.
Wednesday, 04 September 2013 00:00

It's an Obama executive order from last year

Mandatory HIV testing for all persons residing in the US aged 15-65...

"The new order follows recommendations this year from the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force that all 15 to 65 year olds be screened for HIV infection, something that will be covered under Obama's signature heath reform, the Affordable Care Act."


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

If you go for lab work.

From your doctor. Ask what tests are they taking with your blood .I got stuck with paying out of pocket. for hep and hiv tests. I see a new doctor in the fall. I will choose what I want tested on. And yes the Hippocratic oath by doctors went by the wayside. Under Obama care. I am not sure America will last before Obama's gone. The borders are being overrun. The Saul Alinksy, Cloward, Piven, commie professor rule book is being played out. What say Rand Paul?

Money talks and dogs bark


During a physical my doctor asked me if I had a gun in my house. I said yes, and now im regretting it. I asked why? She gave me some BS answer.

I visited the ER last week

and they asked about Violence in the home during my triage. I reacted very negatively towards the clerk at that point, stating that this is not pertinent to my medical history or condition. Then I asked them why they would ask such a thing... the Government.

Arithmetic is arithmetic

If the death rate remains the same, and some people are dying later, then some people are dying earlier to average it out, Einstein.

It is a "reasonable" assumption only under the new education systems, (designed for people like you to prevaricate the public into beleiveing whatever you want them to beleive with the MSM) where 3x4=11 as long as you show how you got there; "duh". No standard procedures to get standard results are possible with such idiocy.

You still have not answered the questions, and you never will. Becuase to answer them you would have to contracit yourself and deny the hand the feeds you.

You probably love vaccines nd fail to see the obvious flaw in their twisted logic too.

And you will use the courts and name-calling, and all kinds of devices to justify your lack of logic and big pharma chauvinism; becuase they are owned by the same masters that own the media you so love quoting.

I haven't been to see a

I haven't been to see a doctor in over 10 years. If at any point I need a procedure done, I'll likely try to schedule overseas in Central or South America.

I know there are people who are just dealt a bad hand, but for most people with health issues... I'll bet I can come over their house, start going through their refrigerator and pantry, and quickly show them how their poor nutrition and lifestyle are responsible for the health problems.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I just had a physical 10 days ago and no such tests were ordered

...at least to my KNOWLEDGE they didn't. They only took the normal 2 vials of blood.

Maybe where you live has something to do with it for some reason. I'm in the Seattle area.

I'm 56 and hadn't had a physical for 2 years.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You could have refused those tests.

Even if you are on govt. assistance. The doctor works for you. It's all about wasting money. Also, there should have been a form you signed..saying they can release stuff. Ask to change it on your next visit.


most likely have insurance and he needs to get a new car!
Gonna get all he can from that insurance.


Your first mistake in going in for check-ups.

Your second mistake is to not control what your doctor does to/for you.

Don't complain when you passively turn your life over to others.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Unfortunately I am forced to go for checkups

I had diabetes for over twenty years. I was never overweight. Always stayed active. No family history I did have many X-rays when I was 6 to 8.They thought I had leukemia because of passing blood in my urine . I believe all those stomach x-rays in the sixty's cause it. And affected me in my late thirty's. My parents back then did the best they new and spent a lot of money on me. It was only a rupture blood vessel in the urinary that would cause me to pass blood only when I exerted myself. Which most boys did back in the days. A operation fixed that . I walk 3 to 4 miles every other day for the past 14 years. At 59 I am hoping to get at my 401/IRA soon. Do you think our government might take them.I eat bitter melon and exercise .But I still have to take metformin for control. You cant get that drug without a prescription. thus living though modern chemistry. You must see a doctor. Out to the garden to dry some bitter melon leaves. First I will check on mining stocks.

Money talks and dogs bark

Adult onset diabetes is mostly lifestyle and easily ended

without drugs:

Read the following books:




"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

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The MIC will tell you that "there is no cure"

Thanks for the books Henry.

The MIC (Medical Industrial Complex) will tell you that "there is no cure for diabetes." This has to do with how the FDA defines substances that can "cure" you. By their definition, the only thing that can do that is a "drug" that is manufactured by a pharmaceutical. Of course this all comes about due to legislative capture. The FDA is just the mouthpiece of industry.

But let me tell you - there is only one thing that can cure anything, and it is not a drug, it is the human immune system. YOUR immune system.

Most Americans saddle their immune systems with the Standard American Diet (SAD), so it is too busy dealing with so much crap - fat, salt, sugar, excess carbohydrates, dead meats, rancid oils, etc - that it is just trying to keep things clean.

First, clear the diet of the crap. Get to eating live foods that the body was designed to eat, and can digest easily, without extra effort or a second thought. Once that is clear, the diabetes, and many other ailments will simply disappear. Your body will cure itself.

Why Suffer? was written by Ann Wigmore. She was the pioneer of the multiple uses of wheatgrass, sprouts and other living foods.

Medicine will not cure you. Only your body can heal itself.

He's the man.

To the OP

When the choice is between a few extra tests and advice like the one in this post, I'd stick with the former. In any case you're between a rock and a hard place :P

Hang in there. Talk to your doctor. He probably thought you wouldn't mind. Just let him know its not cool.

Another passive, obey authority from the top personality speaks.

Don't take charge of your own life; what a mantra.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Half truths and stretched

Half truths and stretched facts don't cut it for true knowledge seekers like me. Your links are decent to good but I doubt you took the time to read his post carefully.

Luckily he will not take your advice or any other 'doctor by your bedside' type advice too seriously. Why? When it comes to your own life, you damn well make sure you make the right calls.

So while going to another doctor might make a point, this doctor probably has more knowledge about his medical history and lifestyle. This extra knowledge counts for a lot. Something you get from human interaction, not typed out words on a file.

See, the good thing about having a mind of my own is I don't have to churn out trite talking points with every post. I just say what I think would be the best advice in each specific case. It sure beats having to follow the great libertarian rulebook every time.

I am sorry--

I know a number of people on fixed incomes who have had this happen to them--

unnecessary and expensive tests--

recently I heard of a case that made me very angry (a friend who has had financial reversals and is paying for these expensive tests herself, because 'friends' urged her to 'see a doctor'--the friends who urged her to see a doctor all are well-situated financially)

Yes, it's wrong--

medical doctors have many people over a barrel--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

OP indicated they are on a

OP indicated they are on a fixed income and therefore it is likely they are elderly. Checkups are important for elderly to catch issues early before they advance from issues into problems (illness). Your first statement is bad advice.

You can only "control" a doctor if they share their intentions with you. OP made it clear they are finding a new doctor.

Instead of simply lambasting the OP, how about you offer ideas that would help them in the future. Your post is as useless as their former doctor.

Not Fair

It's not "passive" to post on the DP to 1. warn others, and 2. ask for more data. It's active.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I would be a bit pissed if they did this to me

Make no mistake, if I had the risky behaviors and was showing symptoms consistent with HIV/AIDS, I would take the test. I would never consent to a fishing expedition set of tests without reason.

For the last 15 years... I ask my Dr. for my bloodwork orders and carry them to the lab with me. I can see what is being asked for this way. I don't allow the doctor to "call the order in".

No matter the result... the chance that you could show a positive and get "labeled" and stigmatized is too easy.

On the flip side... most wellness bloodwork is included in my health plan, and therefore no additional coast... so I don't know that I would have standing to SUE THEIR ASSES OFF.

Just an FYI

that you may be shocked to know. The HIV tests have never been approved by the FDA as definitive AIDs. Its been quite awhile since I researched this and there may be newer tests that have been approved.

The last I heard being positive for HIV does not mean you have Aids, or ever will.

This is a good site that

This is a good site that exposes the fraud of HIV and AIDS.


Many people took the phony HIV test and when they received a positive result, they took the anti-retroviral drugs. Those drugs cause the same symptoms as AIDS. Then they died.


HIV/AIDS could not possibly be a conspiracy

The "news" and etnertainment media obviously gave and continue to give it the amount of attention it deserves to keep us safe so that the planet can rapidly become overpopulated!

I am not going to get into any discussions about it here, especially with anyone who has not done their homework per the sites I reference (and especially not with anyone who has “concerns that this will mislead people and endanger their health”, even though I expect them). This is for pointing out a pinnacle site from where you can find out all you want about the subject in its technical and “conspiracy” aspects:



Search for this by “Dr Rasnick” on the first site: "CDC admits that HIV infection is “not a communicable disease that is of significant public health risk”.

The 2nd site has copius, copius references to the things I will reference here.

Dr Peter Duesberg is a foremost authority on retroviruses and has been awarded and acknowledged BY HIS PEERS for his work in this field. He has been slammed by BIG PHARMA for his work on "HIV/AIDS". I will give a quick summary of the conspiracy here and, if I have time, how he has been slammed for exposing the conspiracies.

My understanding of the main points he makes about it:

1. HIV is a relatively harmless passenger virus (it affects at worst about 1/1000 nearby cells at worst and usually on the order of 1/10000 to 1/20000; compared to something toxic like ‘flu that runs about 1/30.
2. AIDS: the “A” is a deliberate misnomer for “acquired” to groove in the idea that the syndrome is created by a virus (thus needing a “cure”) – per Deusberg it is created by lifestyles that either overwhelm or fail to build immune systems.
3. In 1st world countries there is a 95% correlation between “AIDS” and substance abuse.
4. In 3rdt world countries “AIDS” correlated mainly with poor diets (nutritionists have for decades pointed out that areas with diets low in protein will be seen to be high in disease – glutathione, the main intracellular anti-oxidant is protein, for those who want to research why this is so predictable).
5. So HIV is one thing and “AIDS” is another; but they have been linked by the scare PR of the media. Much like criticizing Operah or others makes on a “racist” or criticizing globalist Zionism makes you “anti semitic”, if you try to point out the true causes for wide-spread overwhelmed immune systems (so they can be correctly targeted and handled) you are an “AIDS-denyer”. THIS IS THE KEY TO HOW HEY MANIPULATE PUBLIC OPINION ON THE SUBJECT. Most people do not differentiate between AIDS and HIV for the reasons mentioned and the media do all they can to hide this differentiation especially when the scientific community tries to highlight it.
6. HIV is not sexually transmitted. See his article about a broad survey of prostitutes who have no higher rates than other groups despite many sex partners and also are explained by the same groups as other people.
7. Research Father D’Agostino who took over an orphanage in Kenya. Surrounding mothers dumped their kids on him as they were “too poor to support kids who were going to die anyway”. FD did not have money for drugs but had land so fed them well and they all recovered except for one infant who was too far gone on arrival with him.
8. AZT is designed to curb cell growth (it was originally proposed for anti-cancer for this reason but prohibited by the FDA as “too toxic”. Duesberg points out the chemo theory: “Cancer is cell overgrowth; so arrest cell growth until the cancer is seen to not be proliferating; discontinue the chemo and ‘hope the patient recovers’”. I have seen many who did not recover-- some were friends.). But the immune system is made of cells (“DUH”) which is why Duesberg call it “AIDS BY PRESCRIPTION”.
9. TESTING: as other here have pointed out the test if for HIV ANTIBODIES! Duesberg points out: for every other disease if you have anti-bodies they say you are immune, for HIV they say you are NOT immune. He goes into how they twist the facts on this simplicity to let you think the HIV virus has some inexplicable “intelligence” that allows it to bypass the immune system when the virus has only about 3 genes and no capability for such intelligence. When I last looked there were about 70 other things that cause the same antibody.
10. DEATH SENTENCE: the media pushes the idea that HIV is a death sentence. “HIV scientist” fail to explain why about 50% of people discovered to have HIV do not have compromised immune systems and put it down to an “incubation period”. At first this was months then years and is now up to at least about 20 years as people failed to co-operate with the theory by living.
11. A scientist (search Duesberg’s site) who was involved in the development of the testing serums discloses that if it is not diluted something like 400 times then EVERYONE tests positive.
12. Standard immunology formulas, when applied to the virus show that it is not a new virus. Duesberg refers to it as one of about 50 common retro’s commonly found in a large percentage of the population.
Media and Hollywood logic: you have AIDS and a death sentence if you have HIV (harmless per Duesberg) and this is determined by a test that reveals antibodies caused by 70 different things besides HIV even though with other viruses the antibodies would show immunity; and you only chance is to take meds that kill your immune system (in case the HIV doesn’t).

People dying of pneumonia, for example, who are then found to have HIV present (although harmless per Duesberg , and a growing host of scientists and medicos; and not a NEW virus; and present as a matter of routine in a large percentage of the public) are then staticized as dying of “AIDS PNEUMONIA” instead of just pneumonia. Credence is lent to this twist of logic by the self-evident fact that an infection basically occurs when some micro-organism has managed to locally or broadly overcome the body’s immune mechanisms.
There is PLENTY on the site, you more you pick at the “official story” the more it falls apart; but quickly:

- Duesberg’s funding was withdrawn when he started pushing his scientific view.
- The announcement that the “cause of AIDS’ had been found was done by a health czar (or to be) for Reagan and the “scientific data” was denied to the scientific community for weeks after the announcement and only after the initial media storm had subsided somewhat.
- Thabo Mbeki, South African president, stated his support of Duesberg’s stance. When I first saw this, I said to others: “he is right, but he is history. The media are going to nail him”. I was 100% right. He was called “murderer” for failing to fund AIDS programs to the degree that other government people were paid to hold as a standard. His health minister was called “Mrs Beetroot” by the media and utterly destroyed. I looked at her extensive website and saw the following overall message: “If you eat correctly your immune system will be stronger, and your chances of health will be greater. Here is a list of foods that boost your immune system: beetroot, etc,etc”. The media twisted this to show that “this maniac woman says that the all powerful bogeyman called HIV which will no doubt annihilate mankind and for which reason we should cease and desist from sex to continue the human race (except with condoms which our masters also manufacture) can be curbed with mere BEETROOT!!!!!!!!! We will henceforth dub her ‘MRS BEETROOT’ to prevent any gullible people form thinking that eating correctly could benefit any of the billions of medical customers our masters have saved with (and which we continue to manage at only modest profits) magnificent, scientific medications” .
- Many testing centers were instructed to state "HIV positive" if certain symptoms were observed without even doing hte flawed testing.
- soemthing like 10% of people who tested "positive" at certain stations tested "negative" after a few weeks wwaiting period -- I speak under correction, but I think this was at military centers for testing new perssonnel.

Well, happy educationing if you found this thought-provoking and decide to look further.

A very significant step to

A very significant step towards proving your point would be to have someone voluntarily and publicly injecting themselves with HIV infected blood to show the steadfastness of their belief.

Would you care to volunteer?

Your suggestion is quite irrelevant...

... till "medical science" can explain why so may people who test "HIV positive" have usual immune system activity (50%) or how come the virus is blamed when 1st world countries have a 95% correlation between "AIDS" and drug abuse.

Over and out with you till you have read Duesberg thoroughly and can give a cognizant asnwer to those two questions. And while you are about it see if you can find the very easy answer to why the average life span of medical doctors is 22 years less than the general population. They are highly trained professional and are the people to go to when you have mechanical handlings or need symptom control under dangerous circumstances, or life support; but, in truth they have a poor record with health. Google "iatrogenic death statistics" if you don't believe me.

Over and out!

You have your doubts. So does

You have your doubts. So does Missy below. It amuses me no end, really brings a smile to my face. I know you wouldn't do such an experiment because perhaps deep down even you know that you are talking rubbish.

That comforts me a great deal too. I wouldn't like you to do that experiment if I'm honest. Even if you don't know what is likely to happen (though I suspect you do), I know.

You people don't like responsibility. Not even for your own opinions. It must be hard living in such a house of cards.