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The Hypocrisy Of American Foreign Policy: US Covered-Up for Decades the Largest Use of Biological & Chemical Weapons in History

The Hypocrisy Of American Foreign Policy: US Covered-Up for Decades the Largest Use of Biological & Chemical Weapons in History

By: Jeff Kaye Sunday September 8, 2013 7:00 pm

There are many reasons why one should oppose the military action against Syria being planned by the Obama administration. But given that the action is being trumpeted as a righteous response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, there is one reason to oppose the U.S. action that carries with it more than the usual amount of painful irony.

It is difficult to know how to introduce this subject, as it is so dark and evil, and the U.S. population has been lied to for so long about it, that I fear the initial reaction very likely can only be shock and denial. And yet, the crimes to which I am about to refer are quite well documented, and were themselves the focus of a Congressional bill in 2000 directing the National Archives to specially search for and release the relevant documentation. The deaths involved are said to approach half-a-million souls, and the injuries of many are still ongoing.

Kept “Top Secret” in “Intelligence Channels”

Here, in summary, are the primary facts. As you read this, remember that the U.S. government not only amnestied those involved in the following war crimes, but paid them for the information they could provide, and in some cases hired them. The decision was made by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the State Department, and possibly the new CIA and the new president, Truman. The idea for the deal was prompted by General Douglas MacArthur, military doctors at Ft. Detrick, and officials in the U.S. Chemical Warfare Service. It was famously decided that all that you are about to read now would be kept as “top secret,” not to be released outside “intelligence channels.” And it wasn’t… for about 35 years.

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US Protected a Raft of Japanese War Criminals

Such as the current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe's grandfather
Nobusuke Kishi. As head of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
from 1941 he was in charge of Japan's slave labor system and had
been involved in other heinous activity in Manchuria in the 1930's.

He was imprisoned as a Class A war criminal for several years
after the war but never put on trial and became Prime Minister
in 1957:


Others who were in fact innocent and had conducted themselves honorably
such as General Tomoyuki Yamashita were executed after kangaroo court
show trials.

For an excellent, somewhat fictionalized account check out (Former VA. Senator) Jim Webb's

"The Emperor's General"


And recent nonfiction about Yamashita's trial and its continuing impact into the present day:

"Yamashita's Ghost: War Crimes, MacArthur's Justice, and Command Accountability "

by Allan A. Ryan


I always thought

I had a good sense of smell, thanks for confirming it.

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