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The NSA and the Voting Tallies: Paging Justin Amash and Alan Grayson!

Has anyone made the OBVIOUS connection yet?

(Now) Knowing the LIMITLESS capabilities of this unrestrained beast... it should be UPPERMOST on our minds as we approach 2014 desiring free and fair elections. They need to be circumvented.

I suggest Amash and Alan Grayson to begin work NOW on joint legislation to create an independent, isolated electronic talley center. I don't KNOW how to physically put it together... but someone does and it should be OVERSEEN by Sheriff departments around the Country.

What thoughts do YOU have... and HOW do we get started?

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You might not like my answer...

Been down that road, since before 2008 elections...

The answer to your question is the "Declaration of independence"

Think about the free state project on the county level. Because that's the way to get the ball rolling.

Secession is not a right, it is a duty defined by the declaration of independence. The constitution is not the founding document of this country. Slavery was never inspired by divine providence, neither was central banks.. both resulted in that document. The declaration of independence is the founding document of this country, and true liberty.

Our country was founded by secessionists. Why is everyone so afraid of that ?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon


I Like your answer!