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MSM Used War Salesmen Selling us Broken Down Middle East War Lemons - Fail!

The Warfax are flowing in daily on the condition of the war machine for Syria sale. The usual used war sales tactics are being foisted on the general public by the usual suspects. Many mainstream media news pundits who thought they get to write history and reality, are now debating how best to sell the public on buying the next war turd. They sit there browbeating the President trying to shame him into war with his own words while appearing to be neutral, for, or against the war. They debate how best to tug at America's emotional heart strings. They omit important relevant facts and lie to your face. Despite their tremendous psychological effort to sell the American people the Syrian war, The America people still says shove it.

How one can explain in detail, the dismal failure of the Federal Government and their mouth pieces in the mainstream media to brainwash the general public this time around, is thus far beyond grasp. There will need to be a lengthy analysis and scientific papers written on this tremendous failure for us to understand why this happened.

This article from a year ago explains what was supposed to happen and can help in understanding where the brainwashing process broke down;

Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies about Houla Massacre
by Stephen Lendman Sunday, June 03, 2012

"Going to war depends first on selling it. Gaining public support is vital. Previous articles discussed it. Walter Lippmann coined the phrase "manufacture of consent."

Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky discussed the "propaganda model" in their book titled "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media."

Media scoundrels use it to manipulate and control public thinking and perceptions. News and information are filtered. Acceptable "residue" only is reported.

Dissent is marginalized. Government and dominant private interests are prioritized."

"When war is planned, it's used to create fear, demonize enemies, dehumanize them, falsely accuse them of atrocities and other crimes, and enlist public support for intervention for alleged humanitarian reasons.

In 1917, George Creel first used propaganda successfully to turn pacifist Americans into raging German-haters.

In his 1928 book titled "Propaganda," Edward Bernays said it's possible to "regiment the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments their bodies."

It's also used to launch wars, trick enemies for strategic purposes, and deceive the public while waging them. Media scoundrels play a crucial role. People are manipulated to think aggressive wars are just ones.

Big lies launch them. None achieve peace, security and stability. One conflict begets others. Endless destructive cycles follow. Countless millions die. Vast destruction ravages countries. Human misery, not liberation, results.

Human needs go unmet. Wealth, power, and imperial interests only matter. Successful propaganda convinces people that what harms their well-being actually helps them.

Post-9/11, America waged multiple direct and proxy wars. They continue without end. Obama itches for more. Syria is target one, then Iran, then other nations for unchallenged US dominance. At issue is can humanity survive?"


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Bill O'Reilly has been

Bill O'Reilly has been beating the war drum non stop. Who does he think is buying it. In his poll asking his audience if they support war with Syria it was 91% against.

Illuminati Plan B time.

Illuminati Plan B time.

Plan B, as you put it is already

in action.
Have you noticed that while the Right is waging military war, the Left has launched a Media war?
We are being herded into civil unrest by both sides, controlled by one Head.

What are wealthy elite

What are wealthy elite psychopaths going to do now to secure Israel and Qatar's natural gas right of way through Syria now?

You know.

Plan B of course!