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Congressman Replies To My Concern Over Syria: Would Likely vote Yea on Military action

Congressman Reichert of King County (Seattle area) didn't really sell me on voting NAY on military action in Syria

His reply:

Officially, Syria is referred to as a republic. In reality, however, it is ruled by an authoritarian regime that exhibits little sign of democratic freedom. In Syria, human rights and civil liberties are not protected and free elections do not exist. In 2011, anti-government protests broke out across the country calling for political reform, civil rights protections, and the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. In response, Assad deployed military forces to quell protests through the use of unspeakable violence. This violence escalated into an ongoing civil war between Assad's regime and the Syrian opposition forces. During this conflict, it is estimated that over 90,000 Syrians have been killed and over 1.6 million have fled the country as refugees. Most recently, U.S. intelligence confirmed the regime had used chemical weapons against the Syrian people, an appalling human rights violation.

Following a large scale chemical attack against the Syrian people in August 2013, President Obama announced he believes military action is necessary to 1) prevent Syria from making future gas attacks against civilians and 2) deter other countries from using weapons of mass destruction. The President is currently seeking Congressional approval for this use of military force. While it is important that the President is taking the proper, constitutional steps in seeking Congressional approval, more details must be provided to Congress and the American people. The Administration must provide a substantive report on all scenarios being considered and what they could mean for our Country. Currently, hearings are being held in the House and Senate to review the Administration's plans. Please rest assured that I will keep your views in mind as a resolution granting authority for use of military force in Syria comes before the House for a vote.

While Congress continues to review the Administration's proposal, my support remains with the Syrian people. No government should be permitted to inflict such pain and suffering on its own people. That is why I supported H.R. 1905, the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act, which passed the House on August 1, 2012, to strengthen sanctions against the Syrian regime and crackdown on human right abuses in Syria. The Syrian people deserve a government that represents their aspirations and respects their basic human rights. It is my hope that the Syrian people will topple this repressive regime, and establish a new government that will create a framework for an emerging democracy.

Basically he's giving everyone a lesson on why Assad should be removed from power, and then starts backpedaling saying he's gonna go where the congressional winds take him. His reply should have been simple: "Dont worry about it, I'll do whatever I can to avoid another war". If you live in the Seattle area get on Reichert's tail and hold him accountable!

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Reichert sucks so bad

I remember writing him a letter when I was 14 about the war... where he basically replied that he was going to support the war.

Reichert voted AGAINST defunding the NSA (so did everyone else except McMorris-Rodgers, DelBene, and McDermott), and most recently spent his summer recess visiting Israeli settlers.


I always vote against this guy no matter what.