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Only $120 needed for Tennessee ad

Please give $5. Posted at www.ronpaulforums.com:


Middle Tennessee Newspaper Ad Chipin - Any help would be appreciated.


We are raising money for newspaper ads for Rutherford County in Middle Tennessee.

This is Fred Thompson territory and now that Fred has dropped out this area is ripe for Ron Paul to fill the gap. One of the local morning talk show hosts (Ralph Bristol) has stated he is now supporting Ron Paul due to the fact that he is the only conservative left in the race.

In regards to Fred dropping out I have noticed a slight rise in support for Ron Paul in my precinct canvassing since Fred's departure.

So far we have run two newspaper ads and we are hoping to run a couple more on the Sunday right before the February 5th primary.

Tonight we were able to raise about $80 at a fundraiser we had locally and we also have $60 in our chipin so far.

The cost of a quarter page ad in the Daily News Journal on a Sunday is $275 and in the Murfreesboro Post on the same day is $200.

If a few people could chipin $10 or $20 it would be greatly appreciated and would help us to win Middle Tennessee for Ron Paul.


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threw a little your way