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British National Party - Syria strike talking points for Americans

Good and comprehensive article on the Syrian situation and
recommended talking points for promoting the anti-war
message to Americans.

Author's name is not given but is likely Nick Griffin - BNP
European Parliament member. Griffin visited Syria in June along with
a delegation of right wing/nationalist MEP's from a number of EU countries:


Griffin is prone to provocative statements, which the MSM dutifully
distort and expand on, but he seems to be making more sense on
this issue than any number of US politicians and commentators.

" So get online now with the following simple messages. Don´t stray into conspiracy theories or even the facts about who is behind the push for war. These are the arguments that we need to sway ordinary Americans right now, the job of naming and exposing the guilty will come later. For now, let´s just hammer home the key reasons for voting ´No´ to Obama and his War:

1) No one knows who used those chemicals, but the weight of real evidence is against the rebels, who are definitely guilty of shocking atrocities against civilians as well as captured government soldiers;

2) Obama´s plan would turn the US Air Force into Al Qaeda´s Air Force and the USS Nimitz into the USS Bin Laden. On the eve of 9/11, it would be unforgiveable to use American tax dollars to bomb Al Qaeda into power in Syria;

3) America can´t afford another multi- billion dollar war. Neither the cost of the missiles, the lives that will be lost once the US is dragged in on the ground, nor gas at $400 a barrel;

4) If the Islamist rebels win in Syria, they will slaughter the Christian minority, just as they have already massacred thousands in captured Christian villages, including those which are the last places on Earth where people speak Aramaic, the mother tongue of Jesus Christ Himself;

5) If Obama gets his war, the rebels will seize the Syrian government´s arsenal of weapons. To prevent them being used against American troops overseas and American civilians in terror attacks at home, US troops will HAVE to be sent in. So a vote to bomb Syria is a vote for boots on the ground and more coffins drapped with the Stars and Stripes. That´s why it´s patriotic to say ´No´ to Obama".

Indeed. More at: