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ONLINE POLL: Does FOX treat Paul Unfairly

A local Fox station is running this poll, We are winning 97-3 right now with 1555 votes in
I'm running a RP news site - http://fourpoint64.googlepages.com/home
Below is the link to the online poll

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96% yes

What did they expect? I have a feeling a lot of local affiliates are wishing they didnt have to display FOX on their logo. I have heard that several are embarrassed of what FOX News is doing and can't even get corporate to respond to their inquiries.

latest poll results

Does FOX News treat Ron Paul unfairly as a presidential candidate?

Poll Results:
Yes 96.34%
No 3.66%

Poll out of sight!

really need to run this one off the page! Bookmarked your news site too. Great job with lots to explore.