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VIDEO - Rand Paul on Fox News (Greta) 9-9-13


Rand at the 8:15 mark.

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No, Gabbard, we're allegedly

No, Gabbard, we're allegedly a nation ruled by LAW, not lawlessness. Therefore, to attack Syria, one requires authorization, i.e. a Declaration of War by the US Congress, BEFORE a POTUS can initiate an act of war. PERIOD Desire, appropriateness, or strategies don't even remotely play a role when a nation hasn't attacked one of the fifty states. Why do we have a vulnerable empire again that enrages and foments radicals worldwide? Oh, yeah ... allegedly to prevent an attack on one of those 50 states. LoL

Rand did Great. He starts at 8:00 into this video.

I hope someone puts up the Alan Grayson segment on Piers Morgan tonight. He said "The American people should be including in the decision to go to war. They're paying for it, and paying for it with their blood". Something like that.