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My crystal ball says Obama walks away with a 'win'

My crystal ball says Obama will accept the Syrian/Russian plan to give up Syria's chemical weapons. Then he will trot himself in front of a TV camera and declare that, without firing a shot, he (we) won a great victory. Clutching his Peace Prize, he will then do several victory laps around CBSNBCABCCNNMSNFOX and his minions will bow down, sing Kumbuya, and declare him the greatest President, ever.

Whether we get War or Peace, I think I'm going to be sick.

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I hate it when you're right.


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

For all I care, Obama can do

For all I care, Obama can do all the victory laps he wants if it means we avoid another war.

Just a thought.

Is all the posturing about Syria an acid test, to gauge the rumblings of the populace?

I have had that thought myself...BUT

There are a couple of things. First and foremost, the most important thing is that we don't murder innocent people and engage in an act of war. That is front and foremost. On a certain level, nothing else really matters.

On the other hand, there is a laundry list of things to think about. First of all, what if it is true that Assad and his forces had nothing to do with chemical weapons? If so, then by giving them up, they weaken their position with the rebels...rebels who must have gotten chemical weapons from somewhere.

Now, if that is not the case, it still says nothing about Obama in that he still believes he has the authority to act on his own, without Congressional authority. He still shows himself to be a warhawk. The heroes are those in the US who slowed everything down so that eventually a deal could be had.

Of course, we might still bomb them anyway.

Please correct this

"Of course, we might still bomb them anyway"

Those who want to bomb Syria, are not "We", and "We The People" are not with "them"

Thank You!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

How perceptive.

Somebody else here said that same thing 5 days ago.

And Mr. Nystrom said it 2 days ago.

I think most of us probably came to that conclusion about the same time.

Everybody except those that think everything is a zionist plot.
There is too much fog is this type of mind to have any perception what so ever.

God Bless.

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It's like a romantic comedy

In a romantic comedy, no matter how absurd or conflicted or mismanaged or botched the plot, in the end it works out and the two lovers finally come together for a happy ending.

Happens every time. But not because all relationships end with a win, but because the director and the screenwriter make sure it happens in the script/plot.

This sort of looks the same to me*, that no matter how anything plays they are going to architect a 'win' for themselves no matter what. And who could blame them? Could they ever admit fault?


* OK, maybe a romantic comedy has a little less impact, say, on the lives and deaths of those being murdered overseas...

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I'm sure they're going to

I'm sure they're going to try. The scriptwriter has quite a job ahead of him. I don't know though. If the endgame was to execute a regime change....they failed nor did they bring Congress into line nor were they able to convince the People. After his big show tonight will everyone allow them their (Obama and Kerry etal) shady cover and not notice the thin veneer of bogus bluster. I surely hope you're wrong. The Russians saw the errored loophole that Kerry gave Assad and were smart enough to jump in and confront the tiger.

your totally right i bet

your totally right i bet too.. they figure its a win win for them. assads government clearly didn't attack anyone but now they are forcing them to give up any weapons they do have to effectively protect themselves.. then another false flag will happen and we;ll attack when they are already weakened. Syria is getting invaded eventually and boots will be on the ground. then ww3 comes.. its inevitable.

The Real Hero Who Stopped This Madness

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin deserves all the credit for sucking the air out of the war hawk balloon of lies to the American People. The Washington rogue's gallery has been thwarted by master Putin, at least for now.

The only thing left in the puppet king's quiver is some Middle Eastern manifest destiny propaganda under the guise of freedom and democracy for the Syrian people.

We all need to pay attention as to what follows. Will it be:

1. An assassination of the president for not invading Syria (remember what the CIA did to JFK for aborting the invasion of Cuba during the missile crisis).

2. A detonation of a bomb, another Anthrax release, or some other flagitious crime in a U.S. populated area and blamed on Arab or Persian extremists.

3. A Zionist attack and sinking of a U.S. Navy surface ship in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, again blamed on Assad.

I think the Syrian civil war will remain a topic of twaddle for the government's main stream media shills. A diversion from the abysmal economy and crimes committed by the Obama administration (fast and furious, Benghazi murders, threats against government whistle blowers and independent journalists, etc.).

Get prepared for another false flag!

Sometime in the future TPTB are going to find another way to blame or hide behind an enemy that caused the collapse of our economy!

Keep your eye on the ball. Our economy is crumbling and before it does a scapegoat must be found.

Lindsey Graham has suggested terrorists in S.C.

That's good

At least he would show more restraint than someone like McCain who would attack anyway. However the media or Obama spins this, not killing innocent people is a win for everyone.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

onl y step one

After they give up the weapons another false flag and then an invasion.

Any country that negotiates with the American terrorists and disarms gets taken out.

It's about the banksters.

These evil people

in our government serve their master satan!
That is the sad truth!

They will eventually get their way and much death and destruction will continue and grow worse.

The world is in such sad shape and all things are coming to pass that are written in the Good Book.

My hope is not in man, but in the Almighty!

Peace everyone

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Just ask Qaddafi

what happens after you give up your weapons and weapons programs that the US thinks are only for the US...

Not that I was a fan of Qadaffi in any way, mind you. But still.

Good observation, B_T

of course this going to happen

Its a victory for the people not him. There is plenty of video evidence of him beating the druMs. We will throw back in his face. He can't recover frm this one. The obama sheep will bow regardless. It is still a win for us. And war isn't quit off the table yet...we are talking about sociopaths here that have no issue about lying and killing

I bet he is just excited to say "Mission Accomplished"

Just so he can be like GW.

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.


This is exactly how it will go..and remember what is perceived is true.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

I see it as the Obama Roth-Zio-IzUnReal puppet is in trouble.

This puppet is told to do the unthinkable start another genocide. The Obama puppet is reluctant to expose himself to the wrath of humanity so he

"The exact reasons why President Obama has decided to ask for a vote, seeking Congressional approval when Clinton and Bush2 neglected to do so remains a mystery, but there have been some rumors deep inside the beltway that his football has been removed and he has been placed under “restriction” by the high military command who has now taken charge and made certain they have their Chuck Hagel and General Martin Dempsey in control, two individuals who the mainstream military explicitly trusts. So far it looks like they are American-firsters and we can only hope that is so."

So his bosses are angry that he did not do as they pulled his strings, go and attack the Syirian people. The public is angry because they become aware that he does not represent them. So he goes to congress hoping to make everyone happy and throw the blame on congress.

The problem he faces now. His mob bosses handlers are betrayed they told him to go to bomb Syria and he did not listen. If by some miricle the sold out installed puppet of the Roths-zio-IzUnreal mob, Congress, does not go bomb Syria and does not become the alciada airforce, Obama is in huge trouble from his bosses.

lets see how this plays out.


They are not going to stop is

They are not going to stop is my guess... This deal on chemical weapons will be used to legitimize the accusations against Assad. They will then use this as part of a deal that includes authorization from congress to strike when they can trump up some new failure of Assad.

Don't let your guard down I think they are end running the people on this with the media in full swing.

Remind everyone that there is still no evidence presented to us that Assad's government committed the acts suggested, in spite of the fact it does not make a difference anyway to those like us who really know the score on these banker wars.

*** as I write this as MSNBC is touting Wilson making the world safe for democracy cheered on by Z-Big's daughter while comparing him to Obama. I can barely stand my forced check-ins on this propaganda.
Have a great morning everyone! And, watch your top knot!

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Oops. State just shot down the offer.

Kerry's bluff got called. His state dept. repudiated the "give up your chemicals for peace" deal yesterday. They said it was a "rhetorical statement". They didn't expect Putin to jump on the deal.

So it's off the table and tonight the POTUS goes on the air to tickle the people under the chin. And he'll pick up points. They still want their war.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

I Now Believe

the word that should be used to describe Kerry is c**ksucker.

Sorry, I can't help but be crude with these politicians any more. I think the Russians and Syrians played this masterfully - now they are fully in a position to say that Kerry et al never really wanted to eliminate / reduce the use of chemical weapons, they were instead looking for an excuse to go to war / topple Assad. Had the US been interested in peace, they would have agreed to the proposal.

I also agree

I don't post much because I have a hard time organizing my vocabulary to exclude profanity.

I'm with you

Between swift boat Kerry and the Pretender in Chief, my kids would get kicked out of school for the only names I use to reference these freaks on an average day.

These scumbags never stop

Like cockroaches. I do hope that fool does his liar victory lap for the efforts of those that have opposed his puppet obediance to the zio-Roth-IzUnReal criminals.

I doubt that it will be stopped unfortunatly.


I hope you are right

No war is a win for for everybody. Obama is a puppet. He never wins or loses. The only thing that matters is american sentiment, and the only people that win or lose are the American people.

Right now for the first time, the American people are taking the power that naturally belongs to them to steer policy decisions. All politicians are puppets. The question is, who are who the masters.


I think you're right

I think you're right