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Alan Grayson on Piers Morgan: "The PUBLIC Ends Up Paying For It and Bleeding For It"

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Grayson has become the teacher

Why can't the Pauls communicate as effectively as Grayson? Ron Paul hems and haws and dizzies his audience with rambling mutterings that leave average Joe thinking he's incoherent. Rand Paul dumbs down his message to sound like Al Gore addressing school children. Grayson, in contrast, sounds like somebody who believes in what he is saying, who speaks from the heart yet has a brain. I get the feeling the Pauls would go along with any war as long as Congress declares it, no matter how immoral the war is.

The end tells all

Paul Wolfowitz and Joe Lieberman are true neoconservatives. Paul Wolfowitz was a leading member of a think tank called the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), along with Rumsefeld and many other neocons. If you are not familiar with this gang of criminals, research them now. Among their demands to Bill Clinton during his second term was to immediately invade and occupy Iraq, in a letter formerly on their website. They also called for a new "Pearl Harbor" type event that needed to take place to ensure American dominance overseas prior to 9/11. These people are authoritarians and should not be trusted with the reigns of power ever again.

Declassified strategic defense initiatives from the US military prior to 9/11 show a policy drafted towards deterring the emergency of a new rival superpower and to secure resources as quickly as possible, at nearly any cost. It was deemed in these strategic document that it was only a matter of time until a new superpower emerged and that the United States should try to prevent for as long as possible, even if this meant destabilizing regions and plunging them into chaos. You should be aware of these issues since this seems to be a sticking point in where US foreign policy drifted as soon as Bush got into office. His promise of a humble foreign policy was quickly replace with direct attacks on sovereign nations. Even the Taliban offered to surrender Bin Laden if the US were to provide criminal evidence for them to take him into custody and extradite him, which is customary for countries to do for which the other nation does not have an extradition treaty with. Instead of providing even a grand jury indictment, the US invaded and continues to occupy Afghanistan.

If my children have to go to

If my children have to go to war for any more globalist banksters, I will instruct my children to hunt down globalist banksters and kill them the first chance they get.

Just the banksters? How about the shills

and politicians who do their bidding? Sounds like a good plan for anyone who gets the chance, though.

anyone know

why there is this strange noise going on in the background? I know this is coming from left field but yah gotta admit, it does add an eerie vibe to the interview...especially coming from a sinister place such as Washington/CNN.

Great Job Alan Grayson.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

pure scum

piers makes me want to vomit listening to him , anyone else ?

GRAYSON is tha MAN ! the more this guy gets airtime the more i like him , i would like to see him debate some neo-con stooge on the floor over this , if it ever gets there.


"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Where is the NSA?

Where is the mighty NSA, those goons that have the power to "spy"
on anyone anywhere, and are stockpiling tetra-data?
If the NSA have the power (according to Snowden) to look into anyone's e-mail...and we've spent billions to assist in this endeavor, then "we the people" should be allowed to see those documents (e-mails) that support the administration's claims.
NSA is a joke and waste of taxpayer's money, they would be providing this info to Congress and the President if it really happened.
Where is the NSA proof? At least Kennedy showed us the photos of the missiles in Cuba...what's so sacred about a scumbag's e-mail?
There is no e-mail proof because the chemical attack was not performed by the Syrian government...It was the Rebels.

The Piers Morgan Animatronic Head

The Piers Morgan Animatronic head runs consent manufacturing programs for Imperial Washington.

When its talking point premises are challenged the Animatronic simply skips to the next point, or immediately twists the new information to suit the objective.

Washington knows its imperial aggressions must appear to be righteous responses to heinous acts, even though the aggressions are pre-planned for no other reason than power lust. To maintain the pretense of moral light of the world, covert operations are deployed to frame the intended targets and make it appear that the aggressions are morally justified defensive actions.

Animatronic heads in media then click into operation, endlessly repeating the talking points and reinforcing them with false reports of popular support.

Syria's offer to surrender control of its CW is not welcomed in Washington because if Syria does in fact surrender CW they will have weakened the carefully orchestrated excuse for the pre-planned military aggression. The original objective will not be admitted or abandoned and another provocation will have to planned and executed.


Since global social networks now distribute grassroots journalism, video, audio and still photographs that expose formerly clandestine or covert consent manufacturing operations, Imperial Washington's naked aggressions can now be followed in real time by millions of ordinary people around the world.

The imperialists are not likely to pack up their bags and leave town so it is likely that military aggression will continue but in the future will be initiated in direct opposition to the desires of the mulititudes for peace.

Or, perhaps those with the ability to do so (the military,

law enforcement) will succeed in carrying out a coup to remove the scum from power and this world. Let us think positively.

Well said. It appears to me

Well said. It appears to me that CNN and some other news outlets here in the US hired Piers Morgan and other foreigners to spread propaganda to the masses --they have no allegiance to the United States and our Constitution. Hopefully the social media will win out and the scoundrels will be sent packing to their homelands.

Look Who's Waiting in the Wings!

As soon as Rep. Grayson signed off, Piers mentioned that coming up are 2 supporters of shedding American blood and treasure in Syria and it's none other than 2 of our favorite AIPAC Zionists, Joe Lieberman and Paul Wolfowitz!! Surprise! Surprise!


That video is below...

at the botttom of these comments



"Evidence Unworthy of Belief" (HA)

Ha, you mean like mis-leading at best. Or just call it like it is... a lie. I can't believe that after our government's history of lies, misleading and false flags that the population thinks that NOW, this is different and say "oh this present government wouldn't do that. Don't be ridiculous." When it should be said, "oh I see, its business as usual".

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

Paraphrasing"and what if its

"and what if its proven that it was assad"
What happened to deffinititive proof?

They admit that their is no credible evidence accessible, yet they still call for war, this is why they have opposition, that if the people had'nt spoken up, that several nations may very well have been engaged in n OFFENSIVE based nothing more on the illusion of evidence......and it IS illusionary if you believe the result of evidence WITHOUT QUESTION, you've not actually seen.......i think that is beyond stupid, its basic common sense......and were not talking about jay walking either....its WAR for christ's sake
So we are to believe that our repesentatives lack basic common sense, or they have a very big reason to act as if they have no basic common sense, and because the act their calling for is war without evidence, i cant see that very big reason being anything good

And what happens if it is PROVEN that

the rebels or some other outside group (Mossad?) committed the act in order to incite US involvement?

Excellent counter argument

Excellent counter argument

Good one!

Good one!

We the people

have spoken! And Won! One thousand emails and only three in favor. Any congressmen who votes against those numbers will be a congressmen no more!

Now how about that Federal Reserve?

We are not out of the woods yet. They will find a new way to drag us to war to blame the collapse of the economy on some other entity.

Keep your eye on the ball!

ecorob's picture

It sickens me to have to listen to this limey...

on American TV. I hate his voice.

Send his ASS back to the UK (where he can face the authorities for the crimes he is fleeing from there)!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Could someone ask Mogan if he....

...will join the infantry and pack a rifle into Syria.

Tell the propagandists legislators to go fight their own battles.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

If you wanted to see...

neocon puppets Wolfowitz and Liberman spew their boogieman routine...


Unexpected Allies

Do these people think their viewers are this stupid?!?

The military industrial complex has always had an alliance with these devils!


They voted and supported every stupid war we've ever had! How are they "unexpected allies" again? CNN is the biggest rag for the military industrial complex on the planet. They fired Phil Donahue who was the lone voice of dissent against the Iraq boondoggle and now they are claiming to be something else while being exactly the same thing. Denouncing how Bush lied but this time its different when the supported Bush back then and support war now. Nothing has changed, you've always been in the same bed. Who is falling for this crap?!?

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wow...here's one of the "Gang

wow...here's one of the "Gang of Three" who were the architects of neo conservatism, along with Pearle and Cheney...how much more evidence does one need to realize there is no difference between these parties?

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle