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TYT: Man shoots unmaned police vehicle recording vehicles driving by

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I love this old guy...

I love this old guy...nightie and all, taking out an evil intruder in his neighborhood!

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The next guy should have come

The next guy should have come by and pissed in the front seat

Be Your Own Media!!!

Feckin' AWESOME!

Should do much more than just shoot it up; crawl under it and disable it completely; douse in gasoline and set ablaze; break in and sabotage camera equipment; slash tires; etc. (Just don't be dumb enough to walk up in view of the camera, as it may transmit live (?).)

I hope I encounter one of these....

(BTW: the commentator is a total poose. Bad idea my arse!)

What would the Founders do?

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An American hero?

I vote YES!!!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Can't Wait

...for the release of "Cranky Old Man 2". Hopefully it involves more action, more destruction, and a bit more clothing.

This dude is freakin awesome!

Doesn't even bother to get out of his bathrobe...

Years ago when I was young I was riding shotgun in my buddies car late night, and saw one of those portable speed check things the local PDs put up now & then, that flash and blink your speed when you go by... Well we used to play a little game sometimes, where we would throw empty beer bottles at road signs while driving, to see if we could hit them. I got pretty good at it, & could hit street signs with a left-handed hook shot from the drivers side, regularly. Well, this time we saw one of those speed checkers and decided to hit it hard with a 22oz. empty Heineken bottle I was just finishing... Nailed it... Thing smashed and apparently they have an alarm because it started flashing and a siren went off. We got away with it, never heard anything about it. Saw it the next day, screen smashed up. Felt good as the cops used to mess with us quite a bit. Ah, memories.

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I heard he got 5 speeding tickets the very next day.

The bullets were clocked at 1467 mph.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

he wasn't a very good shot.

he wasn't a very good shot. He did not even hit the camera. A shotgun would have been a better choice of weapons.

Hey Cenk

How much you wanna bet that guy is Tea Party guy? Do you still love him?

F.Y.I. this occurred on April 11, 2012

F.Y.I. this occurred on April 11, 2012, almost a year and a half ago. Anyone have any other information about this and what ultimately happened?

an oldie

but goodie.

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