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Have you been asked about guns by your doctor?

I don't visit doctors much (it's been around 5 years I think), but a friend said this about their recent visit:

A VERY disturbing visit to the doctor yesterday!!! I filled out a pretty standard questionnaire that the nurse proceeded to input into the computer. As she went along verifying the information with me, she began to ask additional questions that were nowhere on the questionnaire that I had completed. Some of the more surprising ones were : "Do you have firearms in your home?" and, "Is there domestic violence in your home?"

Needless to say, I didn't answer these questions and asked a few myself. "What kind of form is this?," "Is this a government form?," "Is this tied to Obamacare?" The nurse verified that it was indeed a government form and they are required to ask these questions...pretty scary!!!

I know this kind of stuff being proposed a few months ago, but hadn't heard until now that it has been implemented.

Anyone else get questions like this from a doctor?

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They always ask "Do you feel safe at home."

It's the same nurse, and we have a good rapport, so I told her on a recent visit, "I'd feel more safe yet if I had a gun for home defense, but we don't have any." And she giggled.

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Instead of a questionnaire,

they should just state a safety recommendation, "we urge you to keep all firearms from your children's reach." That would do.

Try reading the hospital privacy policy

I guarantee it will shock you.

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The best answer...

Tell them what they want to hear: say "no". Essentially, decline to answer without explaining your reasoning. They'll take it as "no, there are no guns in their house" while, in reality, it means "no--I refuse to answer this question".

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Whatever gets you buy. Just don't try this in court.

Trained prosecutors can expose these type of answers and can completely discredit you while holding your feet to the fire as you (in the eyes of the court) perjure yourself. Just a warning.

I plead the Fifth

Your natural rights, including the one enumerated by the Fifth Amendment, are not something you have to wait for a police confrontation to invoke. Let this serve as a reminder that you have the right to remain silent in all situations, even at a doctor's office.

Some humorous replies I thought of:

Do you have any guns in your home?

"More than the military does"

"I offer rentals, lease-to-own, great finance rates, etc. Which would you be interested in?"

"Just the usual, Howitzers, SAMs, LAWs, etc."

"Staple gun, hot glue gun, Hilti gun, and that one that came with the Super Mario/Duck Hunt game."


I'm a nurse and have worked

I'm a nurse and have worked in a pediatric clinic where this is a pretty standard question. We even had literature in the form of a pamphlet on different ways to secure your weapons in the house so as to prevent your children from getting to them. I understand your concerns but it's not a particularly new line of questioning.

We don't ask it in a hospital setting. As far as I know, it's a pediatric thing.

At the VA seattle

they ask nearly everytime, and if u have any mental issues like say ptsd or anything ur asked to relinquish them to a family member, this can turn into lost gun rights. i personally know several people in this situation.

its generally a good idea to tell them to A) fuck off or B) theyve already been removed


I have two daughters under three years old

and nearly every time I bring them in for a checkup I get that question, "are there any firearms in the house?"

I always answer the same, "Unless you want me to find a new pediatrician you need to move on to the next question".

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Yes. Last Week.

I admit. My immediate thought was, "Maybe now I should get a gun".


I have seen

it also at the pediatricians. Was a hand written form, skipped all the questions and was never asked about them. If they had i would have told them its none of their business and taken mine else where.

Just like the shots they try to spring on you when your there. I tell them that i will go investigate the need for them and call them later.

Never really have a problem. Other than the repeated attempts for the flu shot. They leave it up to me.

asked me the same questions

They asked about guns in the home .. i said what has this have do with health care, they said maybe be better if my son answered the questions .. I said stick it up their ....

Have you seen this?

More Nanny State evil

from HHS and CPS (the author of the article also makes a good case
for it relating to Agenda 21).

The system is bad enough in its current form - former Georgia
State Senator Nancy Schaefer courageously attempted to expose
Child Protective Service corruption and abuse and was very likely
killed for trying to do so:


These new rules look to make the system even more evil and intrusive.

The questionnaire is optional.

And goes straight into the NXA (X=S) database.

React accordingly.

They ask me...

I told them what they wanted to hear...I did not raise my right hand ;)

Snoopes says.


There is no law stopping them from asking, but there is no provision mandating the questions.


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Come on

I believe SNopes as much as i believe the MSM

So you follow

MSNBC's lies then?

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I go to Kaiser

...and so far I haven't been asked about guns, or any sexual questions. I have been asked about domestic violence, though. I told my Dr. straight up "I'm not going to answer any law enforcement-type questions from you."

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we recently joined Kaiser. In the first

consultation, the doc asked my daughter if there were guns in the household.

My doctor retired

December 14th, 2012--due to him not wanting to deal with Obamacare. A local 'doctor group' took over his practice. Anyway, when filling out the questionnaire, I noticed a question asking if I had guns and if so, were they locked up? I wrote, "None of your business and this has nothing to do with my health". I was also asked about my sexual preferences (straight/gay), which I also answered, "None of your business". The only time, imo, that such a question needs to be asked is if the party PERHAPS has AIDS or some such sexually-transmitted disease. I have yet to figure out the significance of that question!

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It's deeply

insidious isn't it? Creeping Fascism.

I am already on the list

been diagnosed with PTSD. I am gonna have to be bows and arrows I reckon.

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Yes, I have the same problem too.

Fortunately I know people that are collectors. Should the proverbial poop hit the fan, I need a gun, and they need manpower.

The inverse law of sanity applies, during insane times, the insane man becomes the sane man. Also, there is good crazy, and bad crazy.

Get your self a cross bow.

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none of their business

I was asked the same string of questions back in 2011 at a gyn appointment. I wrote on the form, "why do you need some". I also called and complained asking what did they need the information for. They lead into it with domestic violence questions. They also asked nosy sex questions, such as how many partners and how old was I , etc. I refused to answer the questions.

As for what they are asking children, tell the Dr they have no business asking a child to tell them information. Walk out if you have to.

It is scarey how many people are so blindly compliant and answer these questions. Sheople.

It all goes into a data base and has for years.

Same thing with me

I told them that if I did have any guns, it was none of their business and that it was very improper to ask such a question.

Then I should have asked "Do you have any guns"?

About the question am I sexually active question, I told them I am not married and I am a Christian.

She was knocked for a loop I think.

It's going to get worse folks no doubt.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

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At my pediatricians office. It was on the form right next to the question asking if I have a swimming pool. I didn't answer. The nurse/receptionist didn't mention anything about it.


Our pediatrician has been asking the firearm question the last couple years. She also asked our 5 year old (who happens to be homeschooled) if he went to school. He responded "yes" and then she followed up with something about how excited he must be to "make friends". At that point we interrupted and explained he is homeschooled. I don't know if these questions were just trying to make conversation... who knows. But it wouldn't surprise me if that's going in the database as well. Regardless it's sad you can't even trust your doctor anymore.