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Have you been asked about guns by your doctor?

I don't visit doctors much (it's been around 5 years I think), but a friend said this about their recent visit:

A VERY disturbing visit to the doctor yesterday!!! I filled out a pretty standard questionnaire that the nurse proceeded to input into the computer. As she went along verifying the information with me, she began to ask additional questions that were nowhere on the questionnaire that I had completed. Some of the more surprising ones were : "Do you have firearms in your home?" and, "Is there domestic violence in your home?"

Needless to say, I didn't answer these questions and asked a few myself. "What kind of form is this?," "Is this a government form?," "Is this tied to Obamacare?" The nurse verified that it was indeed a government form and they are required to ask these questions...pretty scary!!!

I know this kind of stuff being proposed a few months ago, but hadn't heard until now that it has been implemented.

Anyone else get questions like this from a doctor?

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It is sad that I can't trust them - on multiple levels

I don't trust that they'll keep my info confidential, I don't trust vaccines, and I don't trust "modern" medicine.

I don't go to many doctors at

I don't go to many doctors at all, they are usually a waste of time and money except in an actual physical emergency or when you need a specific drug(an antibiotic for an infection, etc)

That form sounds scary, bet you set off red flags just asking questions about it.

Eliminate insurance, bureaucracy and prescriptions for drugs,

I flew to Argentina, got treated, medicated and cured faster than I could even get into see a doctor here.

I paid a teeny fraction of what treatment costs here too.

Insurance, the government and prescriptions for drugs is the problem.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

How much

was the plane ticket, hotel and food?


The RT plane ticket was $900, here or there.

The restaurant food and drink sourced in Argentina was about a third the cost in the suburbs of Chicago. Cab fare was dirt cheap although the cabs were dinky and stinky. Foreign booze is about the same as here, local Malbec wine was fabulous AND dirt cheap and sometimes was set on the table as part of the meal. N/C

The Plaza was a small fraction of the cost here. I had the most beautiful room I have ever stayed in anywhere that occupied half the 18th floor in the hotel overlooking the city for $100 US. The new Hilton Hotel was $600 a night, but seemed to be almost empty.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

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Super Natural Silver is an awesome alternative to antibiotics

However- when I had appendicitis the doctor was awesome. Sucked out the whole rotten thing with a tube and I have no visible scar. Emergency doctors are very helpful.