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Video Update: Rand Paul Response to Obama's Speech on Military Action in Syria - 9/10/13


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Yeah! It looks like a little mob justice may be

in the air....and the bikers ride tomorrow...I wonder what percentage of Americans would stand up and cheer if there were a real, honest to goodness coup d'etat. I think it would be VERY high.

Cudos to Rand for getting the msm to air his speech.

After all, the Republican (the old guard war mongers-Boehner, McCain, etc.)response is the same as Obama's war cry.

FOX news cut off Rand Paul's

FOX news cut off Rand Paul's first words in this rebuttal speech. It was a cropped picture to make him look bad. This was done on purpose.

I'm glad Rand's crew has this real version of his speech on Youtube. It looks a lot better than what FOX scums put on TV.

You notice Rand's American Flag has no military Marshall Law fringes on it?

No Watch Tonight

Tomorrow is 9-11

Skull & Bones: The order John (Kone) Kerry Belongs...Chapter 322 The Brotherhood of Death (Kerry became a member in 1966)

Skull & Bones is 'The Brotherhood of Death' Their Motto: Satan = Death, and Death = Death (322)

Might is right! Aim: To acquire power! To keep power! To use power for their own purpose!

Anthony Sutton Narrates


To: Mike Kelly PA 3

Mike Kelly,

Your rating was 30% in 2012. In 2013, it slightly climbed to 56%. Even combined, you have NOT been representing me.

Here is my red line plain and simple: Stay OUT of Syria. I also request that you vote to fully DEFUND obama-boenher-care.

If you need further clarification pertaining to my requests, contact me immediately.


To the Daily Paul members: Our monthly initiative among the various groups that I attend has been and will continue to call and send post cards to all of our reps requesting to represent us, the constituents. Over 1,000 cards have been distributed so far.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Mike Kelly is a big mouth phony.

He's also my rep.

I think it's time we begin to take him apart in the letters to the editor. Our message should be: "Turn or burn." He tells us one thing, then proffers lame excuses for doing something else when the rubber meets the road. Mike Kelly, in spite of his fiery speeches, defines "lame".

Kelly has his schnauze firmly planted in John Boner's caboose. He refuses to extract concessions on spending, he refuses to defund the Unaffordable Care Act, he consistently supports the police state.

I wish we could find a credible candidate to run against him in the primary.


At this point and time there is no candidate that will run against him, as far as I know. Mike is what we have, so we must remain diligent in contacting Mike/his offices to hold his feet to the fire.

Where about in CD3 are you located? Are you politically active? If interested, PM me.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Best Rand quote ever?

"Twelve years after we were attacked by Al-Qaeda, twelve years after 3,000 Americans were killed by Al-Qaeda, president obama now asks us to be allies with Al-Qaeda."

That may make another

That may make another appearance around 2016 to use against Hillary.

I get the point, but Al Qaeda

I get the point, but Al Qaeda did not kill those people. Mossad and the CIA and others did. Please stop spreading the stupid fairy tale version of 9/11.

It's just Rand

playing chess

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

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That's right.



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I LOVE how he makes all his points

while using the full load of BS that the rest of Americans believe. Even through the deceitful propaganda our message shines brighter.

Do you really our burns brighter with Rand?

I see another liar that will try to sell me the Brooklyn bridge. Where is proof Rand that Assaud used chemical weapons?

I take a straight talking Ron Paul than a sell out GOP Nazi like his son!

Stand With True Libertarian 2016
Fire Rand!

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I understand your disgust for Rand

but certainly you must know how disgustingly ignorant the American public is. Straight talkers sound crazy to the average American. Principles? meh. They don't care. Rand has watched his father stay straight and true his whole life and Rand is trying something different. Does that make him a liar? I think so. But he does have his fingers crossed (referring to a photo taken of him recently).

Wow, listen to these comments people.

One after another are agreeing that Rand is not saying it like it is, but pandering to the sheople, taking the popular stance. Read my comment/rant earlier and you may see there could be another view.
Rand may be siding with Obama.
It was never the end game to bomb Syria, but to remove Assad and gain control so Saudi Arabia and Qatar can have their natural gas pipeline through Syria to supply Europe. Isn't that the story we heard and read that is so much more compelling then merely pointing fingers and saying "Assad did it". I mean what kind of argument is that. It smacks of Iraq "weapons of mass destruction" bull crap and we're sucking it all up.
Btw, I'm getting tired of Rand Paul not saying the truth of 9/11. Since when did Al Quaeda have anything to do with it? Because the sheople believe they did it does not make it so - it was American govt. Where's all the protesting on this site. Think we've been infiltrated.
I think Rand switched sides; he can't be so stupid to try to gain favor with the sheople. He will lose credibility with honest Constitutionalists like myself and in the long run he will not be electable.
I need uplifting; think I'll listen to Miller again.

It's called

Politics and it is a Game. A big one. You gotta learn how to play. My guess would be that Rand has to play to both sides and knows this and the neo-con side being the majority, he's got to speak their neo-language. Then, once he wins them over and is in office, he will blind-side them with the Dr. Paul platform. He's probably counting on Constitutionalists to pick up on this shrewd undercurrent.

Another Rand quote March 2011

“Osama bin Laden — now our mortal enemy — was receiving money from the United States and support from the United States for over a decade.”


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I decided to sit through

the presidents speech. I don't usually like calling people names but...what a pin prick! Ha!

Rand was making the same solid points he has been making for the last few days, and looked quite professional, and dare I say presidential at the same time.

This whole situation is still pissing me off. The people and most of Congress do not want to act, so why is Obama still talking about it. Sheesh.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

I made this back in March

Check it out ...


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

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"Just because ...

... the failings of our leaders should not prevent us as a nation from acting aggressively when it is morally right to do so, it should also not prevent us from demanding, before any such action, standards of insight, trustworthiness, statesmanship and consistency, that the political class has failed to display for far too long."


A Very Syrious Question of Moral and Intellectual Integrity

Muchos Kudos to you, Robin!

Thanks for the most excellent post earlier today, and for the slice commented here.
You really nail it!

Good enough Rand, thanks!

Damn, those Russians

Those Russians sure know how to play chess or maybe play their cards right?
Looks like 'ol Putin is posturing for that peace prize.
Way to go Vlad...you out snookered 'ol bummer and his war cronies at the Pentagon. However, I'm sure they will find some reason for war eventually.

I second that nomination.

I second that nomination.

Even if other people deserve

Even if other people deserve it more than Putin, it'd be hilarious if he got it just to be a big slap in the face to Obama.

He rocked it!

Sweet Jesus Senator Paul is rad. Very glad he did this response.

I am Ron Paul

Rand is winning over America.

Rand is winning over America.

couldn't watch the obama speech. As soon as he started opening

his mouth, i felt throw up coming up out of mine.

So tired of the theatrics. I am sure republicans will appreciate Rand's segment. It was little to much like a speech instead of someone trying to talk have a logical conversation , which I prefer. I know Rand has to play the game to get the sheep to pay attention. But even he I am sure is getting tired of it as well.