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In China, they arrest you for stuff like this

China Cracks Down on Online Opinion Makers
By Chris Buckley | NY Times.

HONG KONG — These are bad times to be a Big V in China.

“Big V,” for verified account, is the widely used moniker for the most influential commentators on China’s growing microblog sites — online celebrities whose millions of fans read, discuss and spread their outpouring of news and opinions, plenty of which chastise or ridicule officials. And the Communist Party has turned against them in the most zealous crackdown on the Internet in years.

Worried about its hold on public opinion, the Chinese government has pursued a propaganda and police offensive against what it calls malicious rumor-mongering online. Police forces across the country have announced the detentions of hundreds of microblog users since last month on charges of concocting and spreading false claims, often politically damaging. For weeks, a torrent of commentaries in the state-run news media have warned popular opinion makers on China’s biggest microblog site, Sina’s Weibo service, to watch their words.

One of the most popular microbloggers, Charles Xue, an American investor of Chinese origin who writes under the name Xue Manzi, was arrested in Beijing on Aug. 23, accused of having sex with a prostitute. He has been paraded on television, contrite in jail clothes. Mr. Xue was due to finish his initial detention by Tuesday, and the police could release him or hold him for extended punishment and investigation, according to Chinese news reports.

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Your article reminded me of this

Having sex with a prostitute?

Is that a "crime" in China?

I didn't know, but I would have thought not---given the large number of prostitutes one encounters.

I guess selective enforcement is just endemic to the malady called government.

Governments look on, with

Governments look on, with envious eyes

Michael Nystrom's picture

For stuff like this

A great must watch video!!


"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

The greatest threat to communism

is a big,well informed middle class.
Strange to think that China will implode on her way to Democracy, as the US will implode on her way to communism.

owwww! nicely stated!!

owwww! nicely stated!!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle


the greatest threat to communism is a well armed society.

I have buddies who are missionaries to china (underground church type people) who have said point blank that if the people in china were armed there would be no more communist tomorrow. The chinese government is very corrupt very open about being corrupt and very hard on their people. Theres no freedom.

What you say is true, all of it.

But because they are not armed, they will find another way.
The Chinese have smuggled for hundreds of years, I'm sure they will be able to arm themselves eventually.
I wonder who will back and arm China's "rebels" when the time comes?
Russia? Nato countries? Saudi Arabia?