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If Homeschoolers Controlled Every Seat on a School Board What Would they do?

In the last year Homeschooling has grown 7 percent, if it continues to grow sooner or later homeschoolers will have to slay the dragon. I believe one day in the next few years Homeschoolers will be a big enough voting block in some county some where in this country that they will have the drive and the numbers to vote in Home School parents in every seat on the county school board. When that happens what changes can be expected.

Also please note that in some states the school board gets to vote on taxes so in those places it becomes a real need for Homeschoolers to directly change their taxes.

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Interesting concept

If anyone who is homeschooling gets on a board youll see new requirements to be on the board and
If the percentage of homeschoolers grow they will start being more intrusive with meeting standards
Which is extremely ironic since homeschoolers as a group vastly outperform their public school and even private school counterparts

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