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9/11 to be published UPDATE!

My break was short lived...this will be in the local paper tomorrow or Thursday.

Title: Building 7

On September 11, 2001 a 47-story skyscraper fell nearly into its footprint @ 5:20pm. It only took 6.5 seconds for this building to fully collapse. This building was constructed in 1984 and was the tallest high-rise in 33 states of the United States. This building was not hit by an airplane or other aircraft and suffered minimal damages compared to other buildings damaged or fallen that day. If fire was the factor for its collapse, it would be the first fire-induced collapse of a steel-frame high-rise ever. It took the federal government seven years to conduct an investigation and issue a report on the collapse of this building.

Over 2,000 architects and engineers have signed a petition that calls for an independent investigation of the collapse of this building, specifying that it should include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives. This building housed agencies of law enforcement, intelligence and an office of the Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center. This building’s collapse was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

After 12 years there is a massive organized effort to bring information to the public to allow them to rethink 9/11 and support an independent investigation of the events of that day. There are currently ads running in 12 cities throughout the world regarding the collapse of this building. Information regarding the full-scale efforts of those involved can be found at Rethink911.org as well as Rememberbuilding7.org.

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Here is the link...


The first comment is a doozy!

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The post to comment ratio is...

telling of someone who has many opinions but may not believe in them enough to actually risk criticism of any kind by posting those beliefs...it is truly sad that this person either doesn't have the confidence to contribute through post or doesn't truly believe their own comments enough to make them pivotal and noticed on the stage level here.

I wish you the strength to realize your government doesn't give a shit about you!

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It appears this will be published 9/12/13 - as long as the information gets out there.

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Thanks to all...

for the discussion and passion...for those who say, "give it up" or "why do you care?", I say to them, "because I have children"!

If we cannot even care enough about the single greatest attack on American soil, then our passion is in itself discredited and fleeting.

I care because the entire span of my children's lives have been lived under the clouds of war and I'm SICK TO DEATH OF IT!

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William H. Russell
Architect, Structural

Ronald H. Brookman
Structural Engineer

Steven Francis Dusterwald
Structural Engineer

Dennis J. Kollar
P.E., Structural Engineer

Lester Jay Germanio
Structural Engineer

Alfred Lee Lopez
Structural Engineer

Richard J. Snider
Lic: PE electrical engineer

I suggest you not make assumptions of things you know nothing about. That is only a handful there are hundreds more.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare

Just to coordinate everyone onto the same page...

I believe this will be a call for a 2nd independent investigation with the first already being completed and the original 'official' farce investigation being (in)completed as well.

The first "independent" one was completed I believe last year and ended with a 4 day seminar where numerous engineers from various RELEVANT fields presented their researched findings in a manner that tied them all together.

The unanimous consensus was that there was zero doubt that something other than planes and fires was required to cause the resulting events. They even suggested that they only knew of one substance with the potential to cause the events - namely thermite in a specific form casually referred to as nanothermite or super nanothermite - and barring another substance's existence, this must have been in play.

For me, that's pretty damning evidence but the problem is that the US government refused to recognize this entire year-long event as credible. I would suggest that recognition as the goal of this new movement.

My $0.02 (in Au)

12 years is far too long...

to have had to wait for something like this to materialize...it was the biggest crime scene in American history and they shut down any investigation of independence and shipped the materials out of the country for disposal...what other crime scene do you know of that this wouldn't be considered "tampering with evidence"?

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I agree with you, but to answer your question,

how 'bout Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Holmes' Batman movie, WVTech.
Almost all terrorism in our country comes from our government. If I had the money I would be living elsewhere, maybe Switzerland ... 'til this blows over in 20 years.


I'm with you on all of those.

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One Problem

And that is, It Never Happened. The building took like 20 seconds to collapse, not 6.5. Nice try.

And 2,000 architects and engineers haven't signed a petition. 2,000 names were put on a web page, how many of those have been verified as real people? And even still, only a fraction of those people even claim to be engineers. Nearly all the signatures are from "web developers" or other wholly irrelevant fields.

And architects? Who cares about architects? Architects draw buildings. They are artists, not engineers. Go lookup the undergraduate curriculum for architecture at any major university. Their math and science requirements are virtually the same as someone getting a degree in Education or Political Science. They take algebra, maybe "business calculus." They take the watered-down physics class that doesn't involve any real math. Whereas an engineering student is REQUIRED to take advanced calculus, differential equations, partial differential equations, linear algebra and vector calculus. And that's just for starters. If you're an electrical engineer they make you take even more than this. Nearly all the engineering classes themselves involve more math and more physics beyond the already advanced classes they were forced to take beforehand.

You idiots are a joke. You cannot name a SINGLE, VERIFIED, REPUTABLE ENGINEER that buys into the lunatic crap you're selling. Prove me wrong. Name ONE. One engineer, who is on public record as supporting you, verified, who can be proven to be a real person, a real engineer, with a real engineering degree, from a real school, a well-respected school, with a real PE license, with a reputable and also verified history doing actual engineering work in a relevant field... this type of person will be published. You'll find their work in engineering journals. At the very least there will be a public portfolio, or something, listing actual buildings this person DESIGNED, actual structures this person worked on, etc. Don't give me some senile old man who graduated in the 50s that's been working as some irrelevant manager at a construction company who forgot basic math since long before the calculator was even invented. Catch my drift? And actual reputable person. Someone with a name. There are tens, hundreds of thousands of reputable engineers out there with exactly the sort of profile I describe. Show me one - just one - that is publicly on the record as a 911 truther. Public meaning they have a phone number and and email where I can go and contact them and verify that they are who they say they are, etc. ONE. Take your time.

You may be right, "It never happened"

Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld may agree, seems he never knew about it! Surely if it did happen on 09/11 he would have known about it.

If a building collapsed in the middle of a city and no one remembers it, did it happen?
There is no evidence it ever happened, Senator Lieberman

Sir, you have No Self Respect to post this

Posting lies like this should deserve nothing but shunning by people that respect the truth.

You should be ashamed of what you have become.

Have YOU no dignity?

"You idiots are a joke."

Great way to forge friendships and build intellectual rapport...good job. Your -10 votes is telling of your reception and insensitivity to the greatest issue of our time.

Please...enlighten us how you know this all to be a manifestation and delusion of so many?

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

His assesment of Architechts being nothing but

Artists is hilarious.

What is telling is why he want's to Stop the truth. Nothing more.

Communism doesn't work when free communication is allowed to happen between a moral people.



That is funny,

communism does not exist, name one country anywhere where a true communist government exits? There are none, never has been one.

Methinks you doth

protest too much.
What is wrong with having a full independent inquiry?

Go Ahead

What is stopping you, moron? A "full independent inquiry," lol, what does that even mean?

Are you saying you want the government to pay for it? There is nothing to stop you from having any sort of inquiry. To start with try interviewing every single firefighter that went inside building 7, there are hundreds of them. Go talk to them in person. Record their statements. Put that into a video and publish it here.

All this conspiracy theory and not a single one of you has even bothered trying to do this, because you know these hundreds of firefighters will tell you something you don't want to hear, that you're wrong, not only wrong, but plainly crazy.

Pleased to see you have tossed

your medication.
While you wean yourself of Big Phama's toxic waste, please take it easy on the people around you. It's not their fault that you are who you are.

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I told mad just the opposite,i said it needed to take some

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

You must at least concede a govt coverup

of vital information regarding the collapse of all three buildings.
Before I begin my rant, why would it matter if it took 20 seconds or 7 seconds for Bldg 7 to fall - which it did not. You are not siding with govt's official report, are you?
How can any human being who has viewed the video footage of Bldg 7 collapse say it did not collapse in about 7 seconds? That is just not rational. If one can count to ten or use a stop watch he would know that Bldg 7 did fall in about 7 seconds - are you saying it was presented in "slow motion" video? I don't think so but will check further. Also, if you viewed the footage, you would know that the center columns were taken out before the collapse because by watching the center of the roof line you can see the center move downward before the perimeter of building began to move. One more obvious note, squibs, which are explosions on individual floors, can be seen shooting out the windows on the lower floors well before that portion of the building disappeared into the ground. Those squibs can be seen running up the building as the building was coming down, which satisfactorily stops any argument that collapsing building caused individual floors to explode debris out the windows - no, these squibs were going up as building was coming down, totally against the laws of nature. Knocking out the center columns and individual floor columns allowed Bldg 7 to free fall in about 7 seconds.

I'm sure the Architects worked closely with Engineers so their testimony regarding support beam strength would add more credibility to any report suggesting any of those three buildings could not ever be brought down by planes laden with fuel.
The three WTC buildings were without question the most overbuilt buildings ever constructed in the history of our planet, and you can check that with any engineer worth his salt.

The conclusion is all three buildings were demolitioned, an inside job. Bush should be hanged.

What Coverup?

What coverup?????

What is your evidence of a coverup? A video you saw online? You presume yourself an expert because you watch a video - seriously?


You should be hanged, or at the very least castrated so your stupidity may not spread any further.

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a cover-up?

"you presume yourself an expert because you watch a video- seriously??"

but then,to try and debunk a youtube video,you post a youtube video?
seriously? pot meet kettle,kettle...pot
You ma'am ain't right

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Your anger...

is humorous and misdirected.

"You should be hanged"? Seriously.

You're the only one on this entire thread with downvotes...why?

Not because your arguments are invalid, but because you present yourself like a child.

Why don't you take that anger and write a letter-to-the editor in your area...speak out!

You're preaching to a faceless community here...preach to your local public if you have such devotion to disavow the enormity of evidence complied in opposition of the 9/11 Commission report.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

No matter what your opinion is,

an all the tech talk about building failures speed, resistance, and gravitational pull..... the inquiry was a total farce.
Lets start back at an independent inquiry, leaving G W's hand piked stooges out of it this time, and let the cards fall as they may.

Bob Bowman



Just looked him up.

1) His degree was in aeronautical engineering, not structural or any other relevant discipline. Go lookup his dissertation at the CIT library system. Written in 1966, it was about the study of shock waves. Can you tell me how this is in any way relevant to building dynamics or properties of materials? I can answer that for you, it's not.

2) He didn't have a PE license in any state.

3) The guy never worked as an engineer. NEVER. His whole career was in the Air Force. Can you explain for me what people with engineering degrees do in the military? Well, most of do the same sort of work that officers without engineering degrees do. Those who do work in R&D areas though, they liaise with private companies. They don't work as designers. They are managers.

Can you show me any evidence of him ever working as an engineer, doing any design work - EVER - even once in his whole career?

4) He's a dinosaur. Graduated from school in the 50s and 60s. Joined the military in the 50s. Retired from the military in the 70s, after which what did he do? Did he go to work as an engineer in the private sector? Nope, he lived off his military pension and started a series of failed political advocacy/think tank groups. He wrote two books that nobody bought.

I see no evidence that this guy could even still do algebra in the 1980s. He was a retired military officer who never worked as an engineer now dabbling in politics. And, I should also point out, he was a lifelong Democrat. Even in 2004 he supported John Kerry for president, and in 2006 he tried to run as a Democrat for the US House. Earlier this year in 2013 he died from old age.

5) A look at his political advocacy also reveals a huge amount of inconsistency. For decades he appears to have aimlessly bounced around from one strange political group and cause to another. From all appearances the man was truly senile.

... so, this is the best you've got? A senile old retired military man who enjoyed conspiracy theories and spent most of his adult life supporting strange socialist political causes who never worked as an engineer but happened to earn an engineering degree back in the 1960s?


A Ph.D. in aeronautics and nuclear engineering Isn't Enough?

Granted this is Wiki but look it up from other sources. Is a Ph.D. in aeronautics and nuclear engineering not enough for you? Head of the Star Wars program under 2 presidents? I'm pretty sure he could "do algebra".


Robert M. Bowman (1934-2013[citation needed]) was a former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations, and a former United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 101 combat missions. He received a Ph.D. in aeronautics and nuclear engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

Bowman, the father of Robert M. Bowman, Jr., was the founding archbishop of the United Catholic Church, an "independent Catholic fellowship" created in 1996 and held to be connected through apostolic succession to the Old Catholic Churches.[1] Bowman retired as archbishop in June 2006. He was consecrated as bishop on 18 April 1996 by Bishop William Dennis Donovan (1943-1997), assisted by Bishops Orlando Hyppolitus Lima y Aguirre (1934-2009) and Grant W. Cover (born 1965). Additionally, he was executive director of Christian Support Ministries.[2] Bowman is a prominent figure in the 9/11 Truth Movement.[3]