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** UPDATE ** Louisiana Caucus Yields 10 delegates out of 105 to State Convention.

I see the results are posted.....who has Ron Paul's candidate list so we can cross check?


I crossed reference the list found in http://attheparade.blogspot.com/2008/01/louisiana-republican...

Seems like we went up from 6 to 10 delegates out of 105.

By looking at some of the vote totals, we really got mugged by the Fusion...

Hawaii, Maine.....pay attention, let's not get blindsided again.

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Easy one

Comeon folks this is an easy one.
In each district that had a significant number of provisional ballots 15 delegates received the majority of those provisional ballots.
Look at district one most candidate received 5 or 6 provisionals 15 of them received 45.

So we know these 15 are the basic Ron Paul slate.

Anyways, I tip my hat to the prolife slate LA politics is dirty and they did good!

Send the info to all of the OM

and see how they will respond. They love dirt and sensationalism. Have you noticed, they love saying "This just in". Believe me, a few of them will pick it up. Heck they might call LA Dept of State, too for comments.

"He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius

"He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius


The reason for the kockis is to once again munipulate the vote so the rnc,dnc has control over us savages and our laws of the jungle or so (george 41 has said) If the new world order dont have their guys in place then how could they control us ???People dont worry our government has every thing under control,there is nothing a little distraction like a falseflag attack cant solve? We are AMERICA we dont invade nations,steal oil,lie cheat kill .We stand for deMOCKracy,integrity peace prosparity freedom opportunity to live an american dream.
ps I just had a moment of clairity .The elite are making us despise what we have become as to make it a no brainer to give up our nationalistic sense of pride we now stand for MURDER(BLACKWATER)EXTORTION(HALLABUTON)RAPE(KBR)TREASON(GEORGE BUSHES 41,43 AND ADMINSISTRATIONS AND CLINTONS )BOY I BET GOD MUST BE PROUD OF US RIGHT NOW.WE REAP WHAT WE LET BE SOWN!YOUR 401K'S,LACK OF PARTICIPATION,LACK OF CARING ,IGNORANCE,FEAR, WHATEVER YOUR EXCUSE.The truth might be easily be explained there are no real men left sure a few of you fags got guns but im talking about REAL HEART the kind that dont need a gun just 1 life 1 love 1 chance!we must take back our gov by hook or by crook the same way is was hijacked!!!grow some balls people revoluton is in the air can you dig it?can you dig it?ccaann yyoouu ddiigg iitt??

Some thoughts

I don't care to attack Hillary, but it makes me wonder from her mention below whether or not she wants to be the president to get even with Bill Clinton on the Lewinski affair? Come to think of it, it's worse if she is just hungry for power, pure and simple.

On coming back to pick up the pieces, I once said the same thing for our failed family business before it failed. Now, I have no desire to pick any pieces up. I just do my own thing and am more successful without the headache that I chose to ignore. Perhaps there is NO other time for picking up the pieces later? Perhaps the time is now or never again in our lifetime?

After reading through all the comments

and seeing how much bullshit we have to shovel through to get any real facts...I have come down with a severe headache, so I am going to bed. I've never been happier about never having been to Louisiana...they are handling their caucus like they handled Katrina in New Orleans. Goodnight and good luck.

"It does not take a majority to prevail. But rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~Samuel Adams while plotting the Boston Tea Party.


It was the feds who messed things up after Katrina

Zapparulez, I hope you are not lumping the victims together with the absolutely evil feds who did everything in their power to disrupt assistance reaching folks on the ground in the Katrina landfall zone. I was there on a ship which was supposed to clear the channel from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to New Orleans. We could have been there 12 hours after the storm made land-fall. But, we were instead tasked to go to Galveston for a crew change...even though we were a survey vessel ready to go and only 8 hours away from the mouth of the Mississippi. This round-trip cost us two days of survey. We were supposed to be clearing the main channel to a depth of 40 feet so that the cruise ships and hospital ships could get to New Orleans dock safely. After we were 'allowed' to start our emergency-funded survey, we were once again throttled-back and re-assigned from surveying the main channel all the way to N.O. to performing a much less valuable (in terms of time and urgency) study from bank-to-bank up to New Orleans. This was a purely political maneuver designed to help NOAA look like the 'heroes' of the day by intentionally slowing our progress (we were in 'competition' with NOAA, an attempt to show that corporate America can do NOAA's job much more efficiently and rapidly) with bullshit activities so that the NOAA 'fast deployment' teams could appear to be the saviors. This is how our federal government sees all of us. We are only pawns in a political game of Stratego or Risk. There is no more humanity left in Washington D.C. I was told by the NOAA representative on our ship that my suspicions could very well be correct; this sort of self-serving behavior is very common in government programs. My problem is that people's lives were literally at stake and some 'pink-fingered desk lizards' in D.C. decided to play politics with those very lives. Are you as mad as me yet? Do the victims of a natural disaster deserve the disdain and utter callous treatment from the feds such as suffered by my friends in the Mississippi Delta? It wasn't just New Orleans that was devastated by this storm. I worked for two months in the area Southeast of New Orleans which took the full force of Katrina. The residents there lost EVERYTHING...including family and friends.

Please try not to denigrate the victims of Katrina. Instead, focus on those truly evil bastards who made matters worse simply for political gain. Ab-so-lute-ly disgusting behavior on the part of our federal agencies. I've got several more stories about how the 'Powers That Be' did everything in their power to quash the human spirit which was trying to help out their fellow man during a time of ultimate suffering in the after-math of hurricane Katrina. This is what our federal government has deteriorated into - a self-serving group of inhuman grocery eaters.

I don't wish to give u more

I don't wish to give u more headache, but what if this is not only a Louisiana phenomenon?

Laugh, cry, scream

After reading all the comments, I think I finally figured out this caucus thing. For God sakes, what a freakin mess! We have got to take over these things... who the heck thought all this up? Since many of us have never done anything like this before in our lives, it has been a real awakening. No wonder there is so much vote fraud. No wonder there is so much apathy. No wonder, no wonder... agh! There has got to be a stop to this insanity.

It obviously was set up by a select few that think they run the show and make it confusing for newcomers to learn the program. The people running the GOP's all over the USA, are on the good ol' buddy program. They weren't honest enough to explain some of the little ins and out of the program and let you in on the details to help your candidate win. This was designed for confusion.

You know what? I'm so mad, that if Ron Paul does not win the nomination, so be it. THEN THIS COUNTRY DESERVES THE GOVERNMENT IT ELECTS. We'll have to come in later to pick up the pieces, (if we can and aren't being held in some detention center somewhere for being dissenters against the government it chose and can't get rid of.)

Truly, this is our last chance to change this country's downfall.

If Ron Paul dose not win the GOP Nomination

or run as 3rd party then its pretty clear Hillary will be our next president and the US is going to go down fast! She is Bill Clinton on crack. Billy loves to be loved in ever meaning of the word. Hillary loves power. You are right all that is going to be left is pieces for us to pick up and its either going to be with a third party or forming a new government. It just makes me want to buy gold and guns.

Maybe Americans will wake up when....

the dollar crashes big, the draft is enstated (National Security Act already installed) or martial law is enstated (and it's an official, overt dictatorship).
Hope it's not too late. Then we can say, "I told you so." But that will be small comfort.
Yep, Hillary is the chosen one of the elite...I'd bet some money on that....
But if RP goes 3rd party, we'll have time to get the word out and also insist on fair voting practices.

It would be a cakewalk to

It would be a cakewalk to ignore RP even more as a 3rd party. Remember debate exclusions and non-news?


we need to do everything we can to get him elected on the Republican ticket, but if that dose not work, what do we do? Just give up? Vote for Hillary or McCane? I think not. We can not. Ron Paul speaks to issues that no one else is talking about and they are not going to get any better. Things will only get worse. We need to take a stand now and make it clear that we will not give up. The MSM wants to ignore our message, then we will create alternative media. The parties want to hold sham elections and rig the votes, then we will create a third party. We have to stand up now and make our voices heard. Its either that or give up, give in and explain to your grandchildren how we became the North American Union.

I agree.

I will do EVERYTHING I can to win. In the event that we are not successful, these people deserve what they get.

"Victory for liberty! That is our goal, and nothing less. -- Ron Paul, December 17, 2007"

Ron Paul is my President.

yep confrusterated,,,

yep confrusterated,,,

We should be clear about 1 thing

The people that created the Pro-Family/Pro-Life slate, the handouts and the web page was the LA GOP. Don't you feel good that they were also the ones counting the vote? Its also interesting that the vast majority of the provisional ballots counted were for Ron Paul. Of the 645 provisional ballots cast only 25 % were verified or counted.


Yeah, right. Here is where the stink is. They weren't verified by the parishes? I don't believe that. Either 1: every parish has cheated, or 2: the parishes have not really even tried to verify them yet, and the LA GOP is trying to make it out that the ballots didn't make through the verification process. LOUSY ANNA is right.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- does it make sense to anyone that the vast majority of the provisional ballots were from people smart enough to show up and caucus Republican, but not smart enough to have registered as a Republican before November 30th?

Very implausible story.

I am just waiting to see

How they are going to try and steal the election in Florida. There is huge Ron Paul support here but we are voting on computer touch screens and the word is Rudy is trying to steal the vote with absentee ballots.

Here is the district 5 Breakdown

Delagates voted for that were on the:

Ron Paul Slate: 3502
McCain & Pro Life: 1377
McCain: 994
Pro Life: 602
Huck, Rom & Pro Life: 553
Rom, McCain & Pro Life: 439
Huck & Pro Life: 384
Romney: 328
McCain & Rom :162
Others: 1195

Are you confused yet!

Which leaves me to deduce:

Ron Paul 37%
McCain 25% (Straight Votes and McCain/Pro Life Votes)
Pro Life 6%
Huck 4% (Huck and Pro Life Votes)
Romney 3%

Unknown 25% (This is the percent of delagates voted that were on multiple Slates and other delagates) This is where the confusion is. We do not know who these delagates really support!


They won't release the official results before Super Tuesday because it would help the RP campaign.

So if this were a fair fight

We have a victory!!

Where did u get this?

We need to demand some sunlight.


How does the voting take place for the 21? Does of the 105 each get one vote?

So this means we'll end up with only one guaranteed delegate?

LOL Come on.


Come on.

come on what?

what do u mean?

It's just a saying. It

It's just a saying. It means you've got to be kidding.

Really hard to explain and not even sure I have it right

There are 105 delegates (as in people). Each candidate had delegates that represent him. People who vote, vote for the delegates that represent their candidates. Each person got 15 votes. Then the numbers of the votes going toward one candidate (nomatter how many delegates is irrelevant at this point) are added and compared to the number of total votes district-wide for the night. This determines the percentage that a candidate recieves.

Now, say there are 20 delegate points available for the night, then your percentage overall determines how many delegates points you get. For example if you received 50% of the overall vote, then you get 10 delegates.

Man, this junk is CRAZY!!!! We should just be allowed to go in, and vote for the candidate of choice, and not have to go through delegate reps. It's horribly confusing. Maybe someone can do a better job than me in explaining.


and we could have someone build a computer to vote on, no paper, no...

ooh yea, never mind. ;)

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Do I have this right?

Louisiana will only contribute 47 delegates in the end--overall. We are dealing with many delegates (as in people or delegate reps), but the end number for delegates contributed when the primary is over will be 47.

Now the caucus will only yield a little less than half of this amount, and the primary will yield the other little more than half. That means this caucus had I think 21 delegate numbers available.

If RP received 11 in the caucus, then he received about 50 or 51% of the vote overall.

Then if Romney did claim a "handfull" as is claimed, then McCain could not have possible received more than RP. So, RP won, and that is why the info is withheld.


47--not 105

Confirmed there will only be 47 delegates won in LA.

Delegate Selection: Combined Selection [Proportional Primary with Caucus/Convention],
Polling hours 6:00a CST (1200 UTC) to 8:00p CST (0200 UTC).
Voter Eligibility: Closed Primary
47 total delegates - 10 base at-large / 21 re: 7 congressional districts / 3 party / 13 bonus

The 105 are just the people. The top 15 for the caucus represent numbers that can be won through votes. If we got 11 or even 10. We win.