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Was John Kerry Hit by a Chemical Weapon?

Photographic evidence concludes: Yes.

See the sallowness in the eyes.


Swelling of the cranial area.

The transformation is complete.

The evidence is overwhelming.

John Kerry is clearly and without doubt a victim of a massive chemical weapon attack and, as such, should be removed from any sort of decision-making capacity in this regard.

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Demons faces always contort

Demons faces always contort into obvious manifestations of evil contortions as they get older. Look at Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, John McCain, and Charles Shumer, etc. It's an easy tell just looking at them.

Botox likely, eh?

One thing we know about Botox is that wrinkled skin relaxes in an unnatural way. Smile lines soften, but the muscles that form a smile, or an expressive glance, also suffer numbness.

Look at Kerry's wrinkle-lines, and then think of this effect's possibility.

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LOL @Michaelwiseguy


He's a reptilian...I swear

He's a reptilian...I swear it. Watch him talk. He sticks his tongue out more than any human should. It's weird.

Updated ...In balanced conjecture. I

In balanced conjecture. I think a lot of them are. Start going through different videos with Kerry in them. I swear you will see some weird stuff going on with the people behind him. They will look creepy! just start picking different videos with people visible behind him, you WILL see it.
Here is just one recent example. Look at Kerry's eyes when he says nuclear weapons. You see the lady also? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRM_-N4ydds. I remember hearing that their last false flag will be of an alien invasion. Seemed far fetched until I noticed this BS!
I have a feeling though they are not all bad though. Of course this is all nonsense what do I know about this anyways!

Hey Morpheus

Thanks for posting this YouTube Video.

I just watched it and it seems very clear to me that the left side of Kerrys face is not moving at all when he talks. Watch closely. He seems be talking from the right side of his mouth only. He may well have suffered a mild stroke. Botox would not effect his left eye but a stroke would.

Hmmm. There is a very high

Hmmm. There is a very high possibility for that. I believe his wife Heinz Kerry is recovering from cancer. she speaks at least three languages. I looked at some old clips of her in 2004 and she wasn't bad looking. She's looking a hot mess now though. Stress probably.

His eyes changed. For real.

His eyes changed. For real. That's f_cked up. It really was lizard like.

They exist people.

I know I've been Trippin on

I know I've been Trippin on this! It makes me remember the line in men in black where Will Smith reiterates that he saw the guy blink two complete sets.

That's exactly what I saw

That's exactly what I saw happen in this video! Two sets of eyelids. Or they morphed or something. What a creep. I wonder what these lizard beings want from us. I suppose they want to drain us of all our resources and gold. Over my cold dead body!

lol! Well if we want to

lol! Well if we want to indulge in this. I think the important thing to remember is that WHATEVER is going on we are being challenged psychologically. That is where the fight is. Deceiving us holding us in fear and making us believe we have no power. Thinking on this just causes us to create more understanding on what is going on historically and spiritually speaking..

It makes it more entertaining

It makes it more entertaining to think of them as lizard beings. Otherwise it's the same ol' boring.

Kerry looks like

an armpit that eats.

Having said that. Kerry's slip up will definitely cost him his position. John let the team down. He fumbled the ball and cost his team the game.

No war in Syria. Assad, Putin, and Iran win. Checkmate.

It will take years to negotiate the plan to confiscate Syria's weapons. Probably a decade...by which time, the rebels will have been defeated and the NWO plot foiled.

I expect John Kerry will be "having a personal crisis" and will be resigning the week between Christmas and New Years.

And right now, Israel and Saudi Arabia are spittin mad.

I wish someone would do a

I wish someone would do a whole thread or article on how raving mad the ruling elite are over this debacle in the next chapter of NWO domination. It would be a hoot to read.

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Yes it would!



He's so fuggly

the Elephant Man would pay to see that.

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You're the best.


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Well if he hasn't..

Some people might say he should be.

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